Balance Me ‘Radiance Face Oil’ Product Review

I love it when a beauty box surprises me, and nothing surprises me more than recieving something inside that I would never normally buy. The Balance Me Face Oil from March’s Roccabox is exactly that sort of product. I have combination skin on my face that is prone to becoming oily if I use the wrong products on it. If you’ve read one or two skincare reviews I’ve done in the past you’ll know that my skin can be quite unforgiving, and reject even the most expensive, or highly recommended products. I spend a lot of my time trying to make my face less oily, so applying face oil seems a completely alien idea to me – but I’m going to give it a go! My Roccabox card says:

“Dewy skin in a bottle, this powerfully active face oil feeds skin with a rich, replenishing blend of skin boosting and smoothing ingredients.”

This is a 10ml sample of the face oil. Full size, the oil is available in 30ml bottles and is widely available to buy for £30, including from where delivery is free if you spend £45. If the sample is based on a similar pricing structure, the oil is worth £1 per ml, or £10 for the sample.

The oil is packaged in a sturdy glass tube which has a frosted finish. The brand and product name are written in grey writing, and continuing around the tube it says it is 100% natural. The place of manufacture (UK), ingredients and company contact details. There is a shiny white lid screwed on to the top of the tube. 

Directions: Warm two drops of oil in clean palms and massage across cleansed face, neck and décolletage using circular movements, under moisturiser or alone. 

I unscrew the lid of the bottle, and I can smell the distinctive Balance Me smell. It’s natural, fresh, and citrusy, this oil is a little lighter smelling than some of the other Balance Me products, but I’m yet to find one I don’t love the smell of. The applicator of the bottle is a rollerball, and I lose ten minutes trying to work out how to get two drops out of it. Defeated, I decide to roll directly on to my skin, but I’ve compromised and I’m going to avoid my T-Zone to give the oil a chance to do well. I can feel the oil glide on to my skin – if that’s a sensation you enjoy then this will be up your street. It’s quite a new sensation to me on my face, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

The oil absorbed into my skin, and where I’ve applied the oil doesn’t look oily anymore – although it still feels a little oily. I can’t see any improvement in my skin, it just feels a little uncomfortable. I can’t be entirely sure that my previous worries about trying this product haven’t influenced the outcome for me, but what I do know is that I’m not going to continue using a product unless I’m enjoying it. This little oil I do have alternative uses for, and they are definitely enjoyable! 

1. Oil treatment for drier areas of body e.g. Knees, elbows. This stuff feels amazing here! It’s probably a little too pricey to buy for this reason but could be a great alternative to use the sample.

2. Massage oil for when relaxation is required. If you like the smell of the oil I have found it relaxing by rubbing it on my wrist and inhaling deeply. I should stress that it’s not anessential oil, nor is it as strong as or claim to have any relaxing properties. But sometimes just the mechanism of slowing the breathing, momentarily closing the eyes and smelling something pleasing can do wonders for us. Of course, I wouldn’t buy the oil for this purpose, if I was looking for a stress busting oil to buy I’d look for lavender.

I’m going to leave this oil on my desk in work, it’s under the air conditioning  so it dries my skin and it’s super crazy busy in work at the moment so I definitely have some manic moments. I’m going to finish this sample using a combination of the options above. This was the last product I tried from the very first Roccabox, I’ll go back to the original unboxing article to write up whether I had value for money and choose my highlight, and standout item. 

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