Sleek ‘Eye & Cheek Palette’ Product Review

A makeup palette is always a welcome treat in a beauty box. They are versatile, long lasting and this one looks after cheeks and eyes. As an extra dose of wonderfulness on 14th February Glossybox emailed subscribers giving them the choice between 4 palettes to receive in their March box, but Glossies would need to be quick as the survey was only going to be open for 48 hours. I had some IT problems when trying to register my selection. My survey kept looping when I clicked on “complete”, so I had to contact Glossybox for the first time via e-mail. I had a really quick reply, and they registered my choice for me – I was very impressed by the service. My Glossybox card says:

“Each one of Sleek’s slim-line palettes is so thoughtfully put together, it might just put your makeup bag out of action. With four eye shades and two cheek colours this ticks all the essentials and you’ll use EVERYTHING. There are four different palettes, each one as well edited as the other.” 

This is a full size palette from Sleek which is available for £9.99 from, where selected Sleek products are currently on offer “buy one, get one half price”. There were a few comments on Social Media posts suggesting these palettes are selling for only £1 in Poundland stores across the UK. I struggled to choose one palette out of the four, so I rushed to Poundland hoping to buy the other three, but alas I couldn’t find them for sale in my city. I did, however, find numerous internet hits corroborating that the palettes were for sale in Poundland this year, including on If you like the look of this palette it might be worth checking your local Poundland as you may get it a little less. For the purpose of costing my box I’ll be using the best price I’m able to buy the palette for, which is £9.99. 

The palette is packaged in a cardboard box. The front of the box has the sleek brand, product name and shade – I chose 027 Dancing Til Dusk. Very cleverly the shades available in the palette are printed on the front of the box – and they are a good likeness for the shades in the palette although not quite bright enough – the box doesn’t quite do them justice. It’s almost like the picture on the box is faded slightly. The back of the box  contains the ingredients and contact details. It says about the palette:

“Dancing Til Dusk Eye and Cheek Palette provides all of your colour essentials in one convenient compact. This multi-functional palette contains four eye shadows and two blusters for a flawless beauty look. 

* Suits all skin tones

* Highly pigmented and long lasting

* Travel friendly compact

* Includes a large mirror with two brushes.”

The compact is Matte black in colour, and has the Sleek branding imprinted into the lid in contrasting shiny black plastic. Underneath the compact is a black information sticker with the place of manufacture, company contact information and the shade 027 Dancing Til Dusk. There is a square indentation where the sticker should be, however mine has missed its mark and is a good 40 degrees off centre. It’s a shame, the palette looks quite smart but such a small detail on the bottom makes it look a little slapdash. 

Inside the palette does not look slapdash – the colours are vivid, and the palette contains a really decent sized mirror and two brushes. The shades aren’t names, but I’ll talk you through what I have swatches on my arm, starting bottom up. 

The light pink colour is the first of the cheek shades. This shade is not very pigmented and quite subtle, but does contain shimmer. 

The light terracotta colour is the second of the cheek shades. This shade is very pigmented, and is a matte shade.

The next colour is a dark coffee bean colour. This shade is shimmery and very pigmented,

Then there is a taupe colour. This is a mid shade matte powder which can build up a decent colour swatch with a lot of application.

Next is a lovely chocolate colour, which is another highly pigmented matte shade. 

Finally, the top swatch is a shimmery mid shade, which is like a shimmery version of the taupe above. 

Directions: Eyeshadow: Use the mini eyeshadow applicator to sweep the lighter shade all over the eye lid. Then apply the medium or dark shades across the crease to define eyes. Blush: Use the mini blusher brush include, sweep on to the apples of cheeks. 

I prep my eye area by completing my skincare routine, applying primer and foundation. Looking at my palette I don’t really have a base colour included, so I’m going to apply a base from another palette all over my lid. The first steps of the application are hard to capture on camera, so I have filtered the first three face photos to emphasise the application. 

The first step after applying the base colour is to apply a transition colour into my crease, and a little around the crease. I’m using the matte taupe shade to do this, with a big fluffy brush to blend. 

Next, I’m applying the dark brown matte shade into the outer v of my eyes using a precision brush. Then, using a blending brush blending the dark colour further along to the inner corner of the eye, and also slightly above and below your initial marks. Use little circular motions with the brush to blend the colours together.

If I had a little more time I would have brushed concealer across my lid before this next step, but as I was running late (we’re seeing Beauty and the Beast today) so I skipped it. The concealer would re-set the colour of my eye to give me a blank canvas for applying my final colour, and really make the final colour pop. The final colour I’m applying is the mid shimmery colour, and I’m brushing it all along my upper and lower lid. I finish the look by using black liquid liner on my top lids, black kohl pencil on the waterline of my lower lid, and two coats of mascara.

I try to use the little brush that comes with the palette to apply the light pink shade of blusher. The brush is so tiny I find it quite difficult to blend, but luckily the shade is quite subtle and isn’t too noticeable. Instead, I switch to my Estée Lauder blush for colour, and use the pink to add highlight. 

Overall, this is a very sweet little palette which can be used to create a number of looks. I wouldn’t describe any of the shadows or blushes as creamy, blendable, and not all are very pigmented, but then again this isn’t a high end palette so perhaps it can be forgiven for it. If you do happen to see them in Poundland buy them all! £1 is a great price for this little palette, but I feel £9.99 is a little too high for the finish it gives. An alternative selection of palettes of you want pigmented, creamy, blendable colour is MUA, which I also discovered in Glossybox but reach for every time I do my makeup. 

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