Balance Me ‘Instant Lift Primer’ Product Review

This month I unboxed three beauty box subscription boxes, and all three included a primer. I have already tried the New CID primer from the Roccabox, which I loved, now it’s time to try the Balance Me primer from the Birchbox. I’m currently using a Balance Me face wash, which I adore, so I’m looking forward to trying their primer and seeing how it fares in the all day test. My Birchbox card says:

“You might not be able to get rid of pores entirely, but you can certainly blur the lines! This 99% natural blend of hyaluronic acid and acacia gum tightens and diffuses for smoother, refined, skin.”

This is a 5ml sample of the primer, which feels like it has enough for a handful of uses. The full size tube is 15ml, and has sold out on the Birchbox website where postage and packing is free for any full size products from the monthly box this month. It is available in many other places online for £22.00, the cheapest p&p I could find was where it is free is you spend over £45.

The primer comes in a glossy white tube with a clear cap which has a silver band. The brand and product names are printed in shades of grey, and there is an eye catching red box that explains that the primer is 99% natural. On the reverse of the tube there is a lot of very small grey writing listing the products ingredients. The company contact details and place of manufacture (UK) are also listed on the back, along with a little description which says:

“A complexion perfecting skin smoother to instantly lift and refine skin so it looks more youthful and virtually pore-less.”

Directions: Smooth all over skin to prime and tighten, following your usual moisturiser. 

I squeeze out a small amount of primer on to my hand, it’s a white cream which resembles PVA glue in appearance and consistency and it’s smell reminds me of Savlon cream. I have to work the tube to get the primer to come out, it feels like there isn’t a lot of liquid within the tube itself. I squeeze a little more out, and start applying it to my face after giving my moisturiser a few minutes to fully absorb into my skin. As I rub the primer into my skin the real fragrance is released – it’s a lovely, natural smell but not flowery or powdery more zesty and woody. I can feel the primer coating my skin initially, but that feeling quickly fades. I apply my makeup as usual on top of the primer, and set out to put it to the all day test. 

7:00am – I have finished my makeup and I’m about to leave for work. Considering that I am not a morning person I am reasonably happy with the result – especially considering I’ve purposely tried to photograph to show you all the flaws. My makeup coverage is quite even, and whilst I can still see pores in some places (cheeks especially, why?,) they are a bit better… and I wasn’t expecting miracles. 

9:30am – I’m in a meeting off site today, and we meet for breakfast before we begin. I feel like I’m starting to get a little oily already, and I feel like my makeup is starting to move on my face – although when I check in the ladies everything is generally still where it should be and I’m quite happy. I would love some face powder though.

12.30pm – Lunchtime and I need to dash to the shop to buy an inflateable unicorn I just heard about (don’t ask!) – I didn’t get time to check my makeup.

17:00pm – My meeting has finished and it’s time for me to go home, which I’m really glad about as my skin feels quite greasy and  like it could do with a good wash to refresh it now, but then I have been wearing my makeup for 11 hours without touching it up.

19:00pm – I wanted to wait until 8pm like I did with the New CID primer, but my face was crying out for a wash so I caved in. My skin was quite shiny, and my makeup had slid to certain points on my face leaving lines of various products on my cheeks, and on my eyelids. 

Which primer is better: New CID iPrime or Balance Me Instant Lift?

Packaging Design: Personal preference, but I like the new CID modern look.

Price: New CID 

Fragrance: Balance Me (smells so good!)

Initial Application: New CID, the primer felt powdery to finish which worked well with my oily skin.

Application of Makeup: Either – both primers helped to give me a more even finish to my makeup.

Longevity: New CID – after 14 hours I still had some of my makeup left in place, poor Balance Me couldn’t compete in this area.

I prefer New CID in many of the areas above and will continue to use it in the future, although that doesn’t mean the Balance Me is a bad primer. I’ve enjoyed using it and I’ll finish the sample, I’ll just be sure to use it when I know I can top up my makeup regularly or won’t be out for a long time. I do also have a This Works primer to try from my Glossybox, which I’ll be comparing to these two primers to find an overall winner. 

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