Foreo ‘LUNA Play’ Product Review

The LUNA Play is a gadget I’ve been looking forward to trying ever since I received my Skincare Limited Edition Birchbox last month, and was actually the main reason I bought it. I have purposely resisted trying it out straight away to give the monthly boxes priority for reviews, but I can’t wait any longer and I have to play with it now! My Birchbox card says about it:

“This vibrating brush might be small in size but its big on cleansing!” 

The LUNA Play is a full size item which retails at £29.00 at I have the brush in Mint, but it’s available in a total of seven different colours including black, yellow, hot pink, blue, light pink and purple in addition to mint. It’s really hard to know how long this will last me as it’s not rechargeable. My Birchbox card says 100 uses, although the Foreo website suggests around 6 weeks. £29.00 for a long lasting brush I think is decent value for money, but £29.00 every 6 weeks I think is quite expensive! 

The LUNA is beautifully packaged in a shiny, see through plastic casing. There is a magnified area in the casing to show off the soft silicone touch-points. There is a double sided pull out information sheet within the casing, one side which is on display as the packaging and this contains the brand and product name, some key benefits and the company contact details. The other side (which is the left of the pictures above) contains useful information. It advises the user manual is available online at, and advises to clean the LUNA after every use with soap and warm water. Users are also reminded to dispose of their devices responsibly when they have finished, and take them to an electrical recycling point. The information is then repeated in French. 

I was a little disappointed my Birchbox Card, and the information leaflet didn’t tell me what it does or how it does it, so I went back to the Foreo website. It says:

“It is possible to see clear, radiant and healthy-looking skin with a 1 minute twice-daily cleansing routine, and the LUNA Play will prove it. For 6 weeks the LUNA Play will allow you to experience uniquely effective and gentle skin care, serving as the perfect introduction to the LUNA range of facial-cleansing brushes. Experience T-Sonic pulsating with the LUNA Play. Soft, silicone touch-points gently remove dead skin cells, unclog spores of makeup residue, and removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil. Your skin will be left glowing, soft and smooth.”

Directions: Apply cleanser to damp skin, wet the brush, switch it on and gently move over your skin. Rinse with clean water. The LUNA Plays 2-Zone facial brush features finer touch-points which cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas like the cheeks and forehead, while thicker touch-points provide a deep and precise cleansing on areas like the T-zone.

This feels a bit completely unlike how I expected it to feel – I can’t believe how soft it is! I thought this would work by being really rough but the silicone is so soft, and really pleasant to stroke. I apply the Balance Me cleansing facial wash to my face, which coincidentally I also got from my Limited Edition Skincare Birchbox, wet the LUNA Play and push the power button. I find the button a little fiddly, and manage to get short bursts of vibrations before getting it to vibrate constantly. When I’d managed to switch it on, I started to move it over the skin on my face. The brush feels very soft and gentle, it makes my current facial brush (that I love) feel like sandpaper! 

I finish my skincare routine as normal, and head to the mirror to look at my skin and stroke it. After just one use my skin looks the same, but there is a very marked difference in how it feels. My skin is much softer, and feels really clean and smooth. I can’t believe the difference it’s made after just one use, I can’t wait to see what it does after a few weeks of solid use. 

I was really looking forward to trying this out, and I’m absolutely loving it – except for the on/off button which I seem to really struggle with! This item is a lot more costly than a traditional brush, although it is a treat and does feel like a treat. I’m going to use this until it buzzes no more, and as much as I love it I don’t think I’ll buy another as I would prefer to invest in the cleanser and use my cheaper brush. What I will do instead is ask for one of these at birthdays and Christmas – that should let me get to use one for a good few months of the year as a special treat.

This was the last product from my Limited Edition Birchbox to review. I’ll go back and cost my box to see whether I got value for money, discuss the highlights of the box and leave my final impressions of it. 

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