Schwarzkopf Professional ‘BLONDME Keraton Restore Bonding Shampoo’ Product Review

Anyone who has known me a long time will know that I love to change my hair colour. Over the years I’ve been various shades of brunette, black, scarlett, hot pink, candy floss pink, but I always come back to blonde. I currently have long hair (passed my bra line) which has an all over tint a good few shades lighter than my natural hair colour, and usually about 8-12 bleachy foils on top to lighten and give some colour variation. The bottom parts of my hair are growing out previous colour, not that you can see it now as the new colour has taken really well. Around January last year I had lifted my hair and put a vivid red colour on to it, and then tried to dye it back to my natural colour when I got bored of it. When I say my poor ends are dry they really are – I was a monster to them. Luckily there isn’t much of that hair left to grow out and the rest is in better condition. 

I have used blonde shampoo in the past, although not this brand, and I already know that blonde shampoo can really help keep blonde hair bright and shiny, and remove any brassiness or dullness from product build up. Often blonde hair is fine or dry so the blonde shampoos also tend to be restorative – all of these benefits are things I need for my hair so I was delighted to find this shampoo in my March Glossybox. My Glossybox card says about it:

“This shampoo contains keratin, and ingredient that creates new bonds within the hair fibre making it stronger, smoother and  less damaged. It may say blonde on the bottle, but it helps repair the delicate structure of any hair that is fragile, damaged or coloured. It won’t affect your hair colour and as it’s sulphate-free, it won’t fade it either.”

This product is an enormous 250ml tube of shampoo, and is a full size product. The cheapest place I found it to buy was £8.40 from This shampoo is called “All blondes” as it can be used for all shades of blonde hair. The shampoo is also available in two other varieties with specific colour needs, “Cool Blonde” which has anti-yellow pigments, and “Rich Caramel” which cares for blonde hair with caramel tones. 

The shampoo’s packaging looks amazing, it’s in a gold tube with high gloss shiny gold writing for the product name, and a shiny gold lid. The gold is so bright and shiny it really draws your eyes towards it. The back of the tube has teeny tiny black writing with the same message & ingredients repeated in several different languages. I don’t have to remove the lid of the shampoo to smell the fragrance as I can very fairly smell it through the tube. It smells light, floral and sweet, it’s really gorgeous to smell. It made the inside of my Glossybox smell incredible too when I opened it, which was a lovely surprise. 

Directions: Apply to wet hair and gently lather into a rich foam, then rinse and repeat if necessary.

I squeeze out some shampoo on to my hand, and start working it into my wet hair, beginning with the roots. I isn’t think the shampoo created a rich foam, I found it a little thin and needed to top up the shampoo to cover the end of my hair. I let the shampoo sit in my hair for a minute (as recommended on the bottle) and then washed it out, and followed with my usual conditioner. I wanted to see my hair in its truest form, so I decided not to use my usual styling products for fear that they might mask the result. Instead, I only used my L’Oréal heat defence spray to protect it from heat damage from styling.

I am delighted with the result! My hair colour looks really vibrant, the ash tones (which we’re looking a bit brassy) are almost silver and my whole hair has a wonderful sheen to it. My hair feels light and soft, all the way from the roots to the tips of my hair. The sleek, glossy finish lasted all day – I found myself subconsciously stroking my hair during tonight’s toning session a full 24 hours after washing it. 

£8+ is quite a fair amount to pay for a shampoo, but I think having hair that looks and feels like I’ve been to the salon is worth so much more than that to me. I’ve found in the past that sometimes if I use a shampoo regularly my hair becomes used to it and the result I get is less pronounced. I don’t want that to happen with this shampoo, I’m going to alternate it with my current brand, and hopefully achieve this level of hair happiness regularly. This is a super shampoo, I absolutely adore it. 

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