Dr. Lipp ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’ Product Review

I wasn’t sure what to make of this item when I unboxed my March’s Roccabox, so I’ve taken some time out to find out more about it. The majority of write up’s I’ve found seem to liken it to petroleum jelly, so I’ve decided to plan my test of this product with this in mind. I’m lucky in that I don’t have any dry or cracked skin that needs attention at the moment, so I’m going to test it as a lip balm. 

Lip care is something that I’m pretty serious about, I have a lip conditioner that I use twice a day which is made by Blistex, and I’ve used the same product for over ten years because I adore it. I’ve bought and tried Vaseline lip pots in the past based on recommendations from friends, but I’ve never used them for more than one or two uses as I find Vaseline leaves my lips feeling a bit greasy, and it’s not a feeling I enjoy. I’m hoping this Dr. Lipp Balm can give me the nourishment of the Balm without the greasiness. My Roccabox card describes Dr. Lipp as:

“The 100% natural counter-irritant that miraculously helps skin to heal itself and fast! Tip: Not only for the lips (and nipples!) this hero balm softens, nourishes and treats all skin types of dry, sore, cracked, sensitive or itchy skin anywhere.”

This is a 2ml sample of ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips’, which on the surface looks looks really small but in reality I think will last me for several weeks. The full size product sells in 15ml tubes, and the best price I could find was £9.19 from hawthornhealth.com. If my sample is based on a similar pricing structure as the full price item, the balm is worth 61p per ml, or £1.22 for the sample. 

The balm has been packaged in a sachet which is the same size, shape and material as a condom wrapper. It’s much prettier though! One side of the sachet is pink (which is my favourite colour), and the brand and product names are written in white writing. The brand and product names are also repeated on the other side of the sachet, but on this side is a beautiful sketch depicting glamourous ladies and a doctor, presumably Dr. Lipp, in a quirky little scene. Certain parts of the sketch (like the girls dresses) are coloured in various shades of pink reflecting the colour scheme overleaf. There are no specific instructions for use, but luckily it’s quite self explanatory. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the shachet so I just tore a little corner off in case it went everywhere. I needn’t have worried, the balm is very thick and doesn’t pour or spill. The balm is yellowish in colour, as you can see from the small amount ove squeezed from the sachet in the photo above. I apply to my lips in the morning in place of my current lip conditioner. The Dr. Lipp product is very glossy, and gives a high shine finish which could make a great alternative to lip gloss. My lips felt smooth and soft with it applied, however it is quite a heavy, greasy formula like Vaseline so I knew I was wearing it. It didn’t really sink in either, I managed to get an hour and a half out of it before I had to wipe it off to eat my bacon roll. 

I wanted to know whether it just takes a long time to sink in, or if it never sinks in so I decided also to try it again before I went to sleep. After brushing my teeth etc. I applied the Dr. Lipp and put my head down for the night. As I closed my eyes I could feel I had it on my lips but it didn’t disturb my sleep at all. I quickly forgot about it and drifted off. When I woke in the morning my lips were still slightly glossy and I could feel I still had it on, although my lips were very smooth and soft. I might be seeing things but I could swear my lips look bigger too – I’ve been catching myself in the mirror all day and pouting to check! 

I don’t think this balm will replace my daily lip conditioner for my morning lip applications, but I definitely have room for it in my life as a more intensive evening lip treatment. I also think this will be really good in extremes of heat or cold as the balm is thick enough to provide a barrier to the lips that protect them from the elements while the skin underneath is healed. Finally, the name of this product has been playing on my mind as I couldn’t work out where nipples come into it, as they are specifically mentioned as a place this balm could be very useful. I reckon, although I can’t try it for you, that this would be amazing for nursing mothers. The balm would soothe and repair the nipple skin, and being 100% natural it should appeal to mothers wanting to keep harsh chemicals away from her baby. Have you found any other uses for this balm? Please let me know where you find it works best by commenting below!

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