Batiste ‘2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner’ Product Review

If you watched my  Birchbox unboxing video or read the accompanying article, you’ll know that I don’t use dry shampoo. My hair naturally wants to be on the oilier side of normal but the ends are dry from heat and lightening, which creates a challenging mix of needs to address. I find the best way to look after my hair is to wash it every other day – any less and I find it starts to look greasy and limp, and any more and the length and ends of my hair start to suffer. Whilst I’m happy with this hair routine and don’t need dry shampoo, I know that for some people it’s a really important part of their lives. 

Take my daughter as an example, she is 12 and her hormones are going crazy which has led her to develop seriously greasy hair. I’m sure it will calm down as she gets older, but at the moment if she washes her hair before bed it will be greasy again in the morning. For her, having a dry shampoo to freshen up really helps her confidence. It’s for that reason I’ve decided to try and review the dry shampoo. To give the dry shampoo a challenge I’m going to see if I can go an extra night without washing my hair. My Birchbox card says:

“If you love the way that dry shampoo extends those in-between-wash days but hate how it dries your hair out, you’re in luck! This new formula refreshes roots and nourishes dry ends for happy hair!”

This is a 50ml sample of the dry shampoo, which I reckon would last for about a week. The full size bottle of dry shampoo contains 200ml, and is currently on offer at for £2.99. Based on a similar pricing structure, the dry shampoo costs 1.5p per ml, or £0.75 for the sample.

The Batiste bottles are always beautiful. I have the ‘orange and pomegranate’ flavour, which has bright orange and pink blocks of colour on the front of the bottle. There are also orange and pink flowers, and the Batiste logo is in a contrasting dark green. On the back of the can are warnings and ingredients, along with the company contact information. The is also a description which says:

“Say hello to your new best friend. We’ve taken dry shampoo tot he next level! Our breakthrough formula gives your hair exactly what it needs. Instantly refreshes roots AND targets dryness, just amazing looking and feeling hair from root to tip. Your new hair hero!”

Directions: Shake well then spray all over hair, from roots to ends. Massage in and brush through. 

Not being a big user of dry shampoo I decided to Google the best time to use the dry shampoo as I know people who use it before they leave the house, and I know people who spray it before bed and wake up having fresher hair. I couldn’t find a difinitive answer, but I did find a lot of feedback on Birchbox’s social media from subscribers who were mainly unhappy with this product in their boxes, although there were a few happy users too. The unhappy subscribers seemed to fall into two categories, those who didn’t want a dry shampoo, and those who tried it and said it made their hair greasy. I decided to apply it before bed, as if it was a total disaster I could shower quickly before work. 

I sprayed my hair thoroughly, like most aerosols the spray was cold, but I was pleased that it didn’t leave a residue that I could see on my hair. If you like the smell of dry shampoo then you might like the smell of it – it is quite fruity and fresh. I don’t enjoy the smell of dry shampoo, I find it a little powdery – I guess it reminds me of the cheap body sprays I used to use as a teenager! I can see why people talked about it being greasy on social media, the lengths of my hair feel like their have been coated in oil. I started to feel a little worried, but opted to sleep and see what my hair looked like in the morning.

In the morning the good news is that the lengths of my hair are not oily anymore, the oil must have sunk in or rubbed off overnight. The bad news is that the roots of my hair are a bit greasy, and are starting to look a bit lank, meaning the dry shampoo hasn’t worked. I wanted to see if I could finish the trial, and spent ages pinning my hair into an up do, but I ended up feeling really self conscious and covered myself in hairspray to try and disguise it. Dry shampoo just doesn’t work for me! Has this converted me to using dry shampoo? No. 

6 thoughts on “Batiste ‘2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner’ Product Review

  1. Miss Elizabeth Shannon says:

    Really interesting review! I’m still unable to find a dry shampoo I like. I may give the Lush Powder dry shampoo a go but I just love the feeling of freshly washed hair! I’ve just followed; love the blog and in depth reviews! Xox


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