oOlution ‘Eye Love’ Product Review

‘Eye Love’ has to be one of the greatest names for an eye cream I’ve ever seen. It’s so straightforward, it tells you what it wants to do and where it wants to do it – and manages to avoid sounding creepy in the process. I’ve tried a few eye creams over the years and I find for me they are generally good at one of two things: reducing puffiness, or nothing at all. It doesn’t matter how much I sleep, how much water I drink or how much eye cream I apply I always have quite dark and pronounced under eye areas, that are sometimes difficult to cover. They’ve been like that since I was a child. I would love to find a cream that could help make them easier to conceal. This cream was in my March Glossybox and the card says:

“oOlution is the result of founder Anne-Marie’s mission to create skincare that doesn’t rely on one or two ingredients, but a host of actives. She also wanted it to be a treat to use and to steer clear of synthetic ingredients and palm oil. She certainly succeeded at what she set out to achieve with this luxurious eye cream. The 100% natural formula is hydrating and rich in antioxidants, helping to diminish dark circles and reduce dark circles, whether you use it at the end of a long day or the morning after.”

This eye crea, is a full size 15ml product that retails for €35 at oolution.com. Based on today’s exchange rate the cream is worth £30.54. The nice thing about an eye cream is that only the tiniest amounts need to be used each application, so this tube will last me for months, even if I use it once or twice every day. 

The packaging for the cream is very vibrant, and quite funky. oOlution have opted for a vibrant shade of teal for their package design, and teamed it with bright white to give a lovely contrast. The packaging has a high sine finish, and in addition to showing the brand and product name the packaging clearly displays the product benefits, including that the cream is 100% natural with no palm oil. The cream is also vegan and cruelty free. The back of the cream says ‘break rules!’ and has the company contact information. 

Directions: Apply a rice-grain sized amount around your eyes am and pm, avoiding the lower and upper eyelids. 

I unscrew the lid of the cream and I’m delighted that it has a precision nozzle, which will make it so much easier to expel just a small amount of cream. There is nothing worse than trying to squeeze out a tiny bit of cream from a tube, and accidentally spurting out too much. It’s not like you can put it back in, and most creams don’t work better if you apply them twice so the excess is just wasted product. When I do squeeze out the cream I can see it’s white in colour, and doesn’t really have a scent. I prefer eye creams not to be scented as the area is so sensitive there is no need for it. I dot the cream around my eye, and then massage it in, being careful to avoid the lids, after a short while I can feel the cream penetrating my skin, my eyes feel really cool and refreshed. 

I checked my eyes throughout the day, and I applied it again in the evening and checked again. Overall, I think the cream worked as well as my current eye cream at reducing puffiness, although I don’t think it’s improved the appearance of the dark circles around my eyes. I am going to keep using it to see if it improves again with time, and if it does I’ll come back and update this article. This eye cream by oOlution costs a similar amount to my current eye cream, and performs similarly to my current eye cream, but I want to make the switch as there are ethical benefits this brand can give me that I don’t think my current eye cream can. 

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