Comfort Zone ‘Sublime Skin Serum’ Product Review

I was a little disappointed yesterday as I was looking forward to trying the shower gel, and I didn’t love it. I’ve decided today to flip it and try something that I’m not sure if I’ll like, and see how that goes. I’ve picked the Comfort Zone ‘Sublime Skin Serum’ from my March Glossybox. I chose it as the product I think I’m least likely to enjoy as it mentions it’s good for drier skin, which is usually a red flag to me. I have combination skin which can become quite oily and difficult if I use the wrong products on it, and a lot of skincare products I’ve tried that other people love haven’t been any good for me. My Glossybox card says:

“Firmer, plumper skin lies within… This innovative, creamy anti-ageing serum acts on the architecture of the skin, by strengthening it and making it more cushiony. It’s suitable for all skin types, but particularly those on the drier end of the spectrum.”

This is an 8ml sample of the anti-ageing cream. The full size cream is available in 30ml bottles and the cheapest place I could find it was £62.90 from where it’s currently reduced. I like to know the value of my items, including samples, so I can work out my boxes value for money at the end of the month. Based on a similar pricing structure to the full size item, the cream costs £2.10 per ml, or £16.77 for the sample. I’m quite surprised, I t doesn’t look like £16.77 worth of product in size or appearance.

The cream comes packaged in a blue/grey box. On the front of the box is a white sticker with the brand, product and product benefits printed on to. The sticker hasn’t been stuck centrally in the box, which gives it a thrown together, discount product first impression. Working clockwise around the box, the next side is the ingredients. The back of the box contains directions in several different languages. The next side of the box states that the product is dermatologically tested on various languages. The top of the box is plain, and the bottom of the box has a bar code. 

In the box is a fairly thick folded leaflet which contains information in various languages about the range of product in the Sublime Skin range. In addition to the serum there is a cream, rich cream, peel pad, eye cream and eye patch. The leaflet describes this product as: 

Intensive replumping firming serum innovative creamy serum with micro and macro hyaluronic acid, extracts of peony and rib wort plantain, which act on the pillars of skin architecture (Archi-Lift Technology). The skin is visibly replumped, more compact and illuminated. The face contour looks more defined, face traits are smoother.”

Also inside the box is the cream itself. The cream comes in a plastic tube with the same grey colour scheme. The packaging is mirrored on the tube, with the lighter grey square showing the brand name, product name and product description as it does on the box. The square is printed on to the tube so this one is central. On the back of the tube are a set of directions, and the company contact t details and place of manufacture. The tube is finished with a shiny white lid. Unscrewing the lid I’m happy to see that my cream is hygiene sealed, which is great especially considering it’s such a small sample.

Directions: Apply to the face and neck morning and evening… Massage in until completely absorbed.

The product is a white cream which smells really good. Some creams smell like chemicals and are unnatural but this cream is the opposite. Whilst I can smell flowers it’s not over perfumed or too harsh, I really like the scent. I apply the cream to my skin, and start to panic after application as it feels a little heavy on my skin and my skin feels slightly sticky. I worry that I was right about thinking this would be unsuitable for me. After a quick internal debate I decide to leave the cream on my skin and risk a breakout so I can come here and accurately write about it. To my surprise, five minutes later it has completely absorbed into my skin leaving my skin feeling the softest I’ve felt it for a while. The sticky, heavy feeling has completely gone and my skin feels amazing.

I judged this cream quite harshly, I feel bad so I gave it a little makeover with a Sharpie. From the description, packaging, and initial application I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I’ll happily admit that I was wrong, and I have enjoyed using it more than I’ve enjoyed using some of the La Mer samples. Whilst this cream is half the price of La Mer (and then some) it is still a pricey cream which I am unlikely to add into my routine due to cost alone. But, I’m going to look forward to every application of the sample, and keep an eye out – if it ever goes on a serious special offer I will be treating myself for sure. 

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