Rituals ‘The Ritual of Sakura’ Product Review

I’ve just got back from my fitness class. I’m tired and yucky so now is the perfect time to try the foaming shower gel from March’s Birchbox. I mentioned in my unboxing article that I was hoping this shower gel would be rich and foamy, and smell amazing. I still want that, but I also hope I’m left feeling really clean and soft. My Birchbox card is encouraging, it says:

“This stuff is just like magic – transforming from gel to a luxurious foam on contact with water! Even better? It’s brimming with cherry blossom and organic rice milk to soothe and cleanse.”

This is a 50ml travel size version of the product which you can buy for £4.50 from Birchbox.co.uk. If you like the shower gel it’s much cheaper per ml to buy it in 200ml bottles, the cheapest place I found was £7.95 from fragrancedirect.co.uk. As a comparison, the small bottle is 9p per ml, and the full size bottle is 4p per ml. To put this in perspective, the price of the sample would be £1.99 if the price per ml was the same. It’s an expensive sample for sure, but there may be a minimum packaging cost (or something similar) which pushes the sample price up. 

The shower gel is packaged in a white aerosol metal can, with a gloss finish. The Rituals branding is on the front of the can, and the product name and description are written in black and red writing. There is also a symbol that looks like a Chinese letter on the front to give it an Oriental feel. On the back of the can are the ingredients, precautions and company information. The can has a white lid, and white push nozzle. 

Directions: Massage a coin-sized amount on to damp skin, lather up and rinse away. 

A quick word of warning when using this, the nozzle is quite stiff and needs a really firm push to get it to work, but when it does work it spurts out quite a lot of gel. The gel starts off quite clear, and very quickly expands and gets foamy. The consistency is identical to shaving foam both when it comes out of the can, and when it changes into the foamy soap suds. I might only have a little can on shower gel, but a small amount goes quite a long way. The shower gel smells quite powdery and a bit non descript, which is slightly disappointing as I do love a really great smelling shower gel. 

After the shower my skin is soft and feels clean. I can’t smell the shower gel lingering on my skin which I would usually be disappointed about but today I don’t mind as I wasn’t keen on the smell. All in all I’ve enjoyed the novelty of using a foamy shower gel, however if this is something you fancy I think there are cheaper and better smelling varieties out there, like Imperial Leather ‘Foamburst’. It comes in a variety of scents, and 200ml bottles start at about £2 in most stores. I’ll definitely finish the rest of the Rituals shower gel, but I won’t be buying any more. I am however tempted to switch to Foamburst and try some of the varieties they have for a change. 

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