Glossybox March 2017 Unboxing

You can watch the unboxing here:

Glossybox is a monthly beauty box subscription where a selection of 4-6 beauty products are carefully selected and delivered to the subscribers door. There are a variety of subscription options available for 3, 6 and 12 month sign ups, I have chosen a monthly plan which is £10 per month plus p&p.

The contents of the Glossybox are a surprise to the subscriber, except for one or two items that are revealed before the boxes are received. I haven’t noticed a lot of sneak peek e-mails this month in comparison to previous months, but what I have seen I’m really looking forward to. There was a lovely article on the website on Monday explaining the philosophy behind March’s box – this month is all about beauty products that work hard to give amazing results.

In recent months Glossybox have had themed boxes. Last month the Love Edition had the bold black and white striped lid. The January box was more subtle with the Delisciously Stella ‘You Can’t Milk An Almond’ caption, and December box was as white as snow. This month the Glossybox has returned to the classic pale pink colour, which has the Glossybox logo written in black in the centre of the lid. Lifting the lid of the box I can see my Glossybox card, which I’ll be using throughout the month when I try and review the items in my box. The card will talk me through what the products do, how I can use them and where I can buy them, should I want to use them again.

There are extra finishing touches that the Glossyboxes have the other beauty boxes don’t. These small details change the look and feel of the Glossybox for me, and make it feel more special, and more like a treat. Under the product card I can see the light pink tissue paper neatly wrapped around this months items and stuck in place with a Glossybox sticker. There is a black ribbon tied around the tissue paper and finished in a neat bow.

On first glance I have 5 products in my Glossybox, and according to my Glossybox card three of them are full size. I also seem to have a good mix of skincare, hair care and makeup products included in the box. I prefer it when there is a good mix of items to try, I feel like I get more of an all over pampering.

Working across this photo from left to right, the first item is Schwarzkopf Professional ‘BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo’. This is a full size 250ml tube of shampoo, and I’m really excited to try this out as I have dyed blonde hair which definitely could use some specific treatment.

The next item is the This Works ‘In Transit Camera Close-Up’. This item was one of the sneak peeks that Glossybox released to subscribers before the boxes dispatch. According to the sneak peek Victoria Beckham is reportedly a fan of this primer, which is high praise indeed, I can’t wait to try it.

Oolution ‘Eye Love’ is the next item in my Glossybox, and it another full size item. This cream is said to dimish dark circles and reduce puffiness under eyes.

The next item is Comfort Zone ‘Sublime Skin Serum’ which the Glossybox card describes as an anti-ageing serum. More youthful skin is something that appeals to me, although it says that it works best on drier skin so I’m going to need to be careful with the application as my skin doesn’t need deeply hydrating creams, they are often too much for it.

The final product in my box is the Sleek eye and cheek compact. Glossybox subscribers were invited to choose one of four of these full size palettes, but the catch was that there was only a 48 hour window in which to do so. I feel very lucky that I had the palette I requested, and it’s a little larger than I was expecting. I’m looking forward to experimenting with the colours and seeing what looks I can come up with.

My first impression of the box is excellent. I haven’t costed my box yet but my initial feeling is that my £10 has gone a long way this month. Everything that’s included in the box is something that I would go out and buy, so overall I’m really happy. Throughout the month I’ll try all of the products, and write a review of each one. At the end of the month I’ll come back to this article, and reveal my final thoughts on the box. These will include the value of my box, my overall impression of the box, and any stand out products.

Edit: 30.03.17 – Glossybox have given an abselutely outstanding box this month, thank-you so much! The value of the items in my box was £76.10, but they were items that I’ve really enjoyed using, and seem to do a great job.

A highlight for me has been using the [Comfort Zone] serum. I didn’t think I was going to like it, Andy it was such a lovely surprise that I loved the smell, texture and results. It’s a little pricey so I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it, but I am loving every application.

The standout product for me was the Blond Me shampoo. I’ve chosen the shampoo for a number of reasons, partly because of the incredibly generous size of the shampoo ( does size matter?) I still remember my delight at seeing the shiny gold bottle for the first time, although it wasn’t the only full size item in the box. I also partly chose it because it gave amazing results, although it wasn’t the only item in the box to give great results. I also partly chose it because I bought into the brand, the wider range is accessible and I want to try more items.

This is my box of the month – well done Glossybox and can’t wait for next month Faye 💕

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