Birchbox March 3017 Unboxing

You can watch the unboxing here:

Birchbox is a monthly beauty box subscription where a selection of usually 4-6 beauty products are carefully selected and delivered to the subscribers door. There are a variety of subscription options available where subscribers can sign up for 3, 6, and 12 month options. I have opted for the monthly option, which costs £10 plus postage and packing per month.

The Birchbox contents are a surprise to subscribers, and different subscribers can receive different items depending on their individual beauty profiles. There are usually a few items that are released ahead of the boxes delivery date, which gives subscribers a couple of items to look forward to. I saw a lovely article on 2nd March discussing the inspiration behind this months box which is a Signed, Sealed, Delivered theme. Birchbox wanted to use the box as an opportunity to look back over the Birchbox journey and say thank-you to subscribers.

The design of the Birchbox box changes each month, but this months box is very different. Usually the Birchbox boxes slide outwards like a drawer, and whilst the shape of the boxes tend to be the same the bright colours and bold designs used on them are different. This month the box has a lid, and has a very simplistic cardboard design. Lifting the lid of the box I can retrieve my Birchbox card, which this month is designed like a letter. My Birchbox card talks me through each of the products that are in my Birchbox, how to use them, and where I can buy them if I choose to buy them again.

Another additional feature of this months Birchbox is the inclusion of a super cute drawstring bag. Usually Birchbox doesn’t take any extra steps to conceal or pack the products inside the box, but I think this bag is a lovely touch. The material looks similar to the material of a post sack, except it feels really soft to touch. One side of the bag has the Birchbox logo printed in hot pink, and on the other side are the words best day ever – also in hot pink.

This month I have 5 products in my Birchbox, although looking at my Birchbox card they are all sample size products. I always like to get a few full size items in a beauty box as they are the easiest way for me to feel like I’ve had value for money. Whilst all of my products are samples I’m not disappointed as I recognise all the brands in my box, so I think the trade off has been smaller amounts of branded items. I’ll be costing the samples as I work through the products, and I’ll let you know whether I felt I had value for money at the end. It looks like a I have a good mix of products in my box with a nice combination of makeup, skincare and hair care items.

Working from left to right along the photo the first product in my box is a Batiste ‘2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner.’ I’ve not seen a dry shampoo and conditioner before so this intrigues me, although I don’t really use dry shampoo so whilst I’ll try it to review it I can imagine it sitting in my cupboard for a long time after the initial test.

The next item I have is the Balance Me ‘Instant Lift Primer’. This item was one of the sneak peeks that was released on the 4th March, meaning that all Birchbox subscribers knew they would have it in their box. I’m currently using a Blanace Me Facial Wash which I love, so I, hoping I’ll love this too.

The next item was also a sneak peek, and it’s the Benefit ‘They’re Real Double the Lip’. Subscribers were given the option on Valentines Day to choose which shade they wanted, I chose Lusty Rose as it looked like a great everyday shade. This new lipstick is a lipstick and liner in one which is a really interesting idea, I can’t wait to try it out and see how it works.

The penultimate item in my box is Rituals ‘The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel’. I haven’t seen a shower gel yet in a beauty box, and whilst it could be argued that it’s more of a cleanliness than pamper item I think that shower gel should be pampering so I’m all over this. Aside from cleaning me, I like super foamy shower gel that smells great so that’s what I’d like to see from this.

The final product in my box is the Caudalie ‘Vine Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum’ which according to my card is an antidote to the stress of modern life. I’m delighted to have found something for anti-aging in my box, and whilst I don’t expect it to work miracles I hope it does give me a more youthful glow if nothing more.

There you have it! I have four products in my box this long that I could get regular use out of, and one which could certainly be useful on occasion. I’ll be costing my samples as I try and revisew them to see what the true value of my box is co pared to the £10 I paid for it, and I’ll be updating this article at the end of the month to let you know whether I felt that I had value for money or not. I’ll also update this article with my final thoughts on the box,mane I’ll let you know about any standout products. Overall, my first impression of the box is good and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Edit: 25th March – my first impression of this Birchbox was good, but sadly I don’t feel like the box has lived up to my expectations of it. The value of the items in my box are a whopping  £30.32, which is excellent for the £10 I paid for the box…. BUT most of the products weren’t quite me, or I already had similar products that better suit me.

A highlight for me is the Rituals Shower Gel. I’m not a huge fan of the smell, but it’s very rich and foamy and leaves skin feeling clean and soft.

The standout item for me was the Balance Me Primer, it’s not my favourite primer but it did a good job for short wear and smells delicious.

Neither item I think would win a mention if it were included in previous boxes. It’s a shame, I think Birchbox wanted to do something really special this month but for me they have completely missed the mark. I’m sure next month will be back to normal, I’ve already seen a sneak peek which looks 👌🏻 Faye💕

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