New CID ‘i-prime Mini’ Product Review

When my daughter was younger there was much less money left in my pocket each  month to spend on things like beauty treats. As such, I tended to prioritise my makeup purchases, and primer was one of those things I decided I didn’t need to have. I think I’d convinced myself that primers were an invention by cosmetics companies to get us to spend more money! Now I know that primers are not only great for long lasting makeup, but also can help protect skin when wearing makeup. Finding a good primer has been on my list of things to do ever since, and by happy coincidence this New CID primer was sent in my Roccabox. The Roccabox card says:

“i-Prime is the makeup artists’ secret weapon for flawless foundation application.”

The New CID i-prime Mini is the 10ml travel size version of the primer and is available to buy for £12.50 from There is also a larger version of the primer which sells in 30ml bottles. The larger version was sold out on most websites I visited, but I did find it listed on for £28.50 +p&p.

The primer comes in a neat rectangular box. The box is white, but has an irredescent sheen to it which makes it look like it is dewy and highlighted. The front of the box has the New CID branding in shiny silver writing, and states the product name in black text. The top and bottom of the box are also shiny silver. Moving clockwise around the box; the next side of the box contains two paragraphs in another language. The back of the box contains the company contact information, place of manufactures and bar code. The next side of the box contains a list of ingredients, and a product description.

“Studio Secret. This lightweight serum gives a gorgeous, smooth texture and appearance to the skin. It allows foundation to glide on easily and cate a long lasting flawless finish.”

The i-Prime packaging looks really slick. The bottle is white like the box, and also has a pearlescent finish. From a distance it is so highlighted it almost looks like a shade of grey. The cap of the bottle is high polished silver in colour. The brand and product names are printed on the side in dark grey, along with the company contact details. There is a a slither cut out of the side of the packaging so that the user can keep an eye on how much is left, which is pretty nifty. Lifting the lid of the product reveals a pump action nozzle, again in a shiny chrome finish.

Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount to clean, moisturised skin. Can be worn alone or under foundation.

I applied the i-prime to my skin at about 6am this morning after my usual skincare routine, and I was really happy with how light it felt and how easily it glided on to my skin. The primer is a white cream which smells quite powdery and reminds me a little of talcum powder, or baby lotion, or something similar. I applied my makeup as usual on top of the primer, and whilst I forgot to take a photo was really happy with the results. Today I know that I will be in work until 4pm, where I am leaving to go straight to a bar for a few drinks, before heading home. The only makeup I’m allowing myself to bring with me to work is the red lipstick, the rest has to last the day on it’s own.

7:30am: I arrive at work, I feel my makeup is looking great. I’m convinced my foundation looks a lot more even today, but it could also be all in my head like a placebo effect so I let it go.

12:00: Lunchtime and I’m off to Starbucks for a much needed coffee. My makeup is still in place, although I have reapplied my lipstick twice.

16:00: I’m starting to look a little shiny in places, and the black eyeliner that was around my eyes is no longer sharp and is a little smudgy. My complexion is still quite even, and whilst my glitter eyeshadow is less glittery the smokey blend behind it is still looking good. At this point I would have liked to have topped up my makeup before going out to the bar, a little powder, a cotton wool bud with eye make up remover and an eye pencil would have been perfect.

20:00: 14 hours after applying my make up, and having been through work and going for a few vodkas my makeup is starting to stuggle. I’m starting to notice the imperfections on my skin, and I’m really quite shiny but after 14 hours of wear without topping up I’m actually quite impressed. It’s a shame I forgot to take a freshly done makeup photo for comparison, but the photo above is unfiltered, untampered with 14 hour make up face.

I gave this primer quite a severe test today and really put it through its paces, and considering the tough circumstances I think it did really well. In reality of course I wouldn’t usually expect my make up to last that long, but it’s good to know that I can almost get away with it if I need to. The primer itself is lovely to use, looks and smells great and is a really good price too. I’m definitely going to continue using this.

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