La Mer ‘The Eye Concentrate’ Review

Monday night is my fitness/bums and tums class. It’s a great class; we dance for half of it and stretch/tone for the other half. I usually find exercise really boring, but I love the fun dance element of this class – although the toning is brutal. I’m in serious need of some TLC afterwards, and whilst skincare wasn’t exactly what I was fantasising about mid crunch I’ll take it. Tonight I’m trying La Mer’s ‘The Eye Concentrate’ from the Limited Edition Glossybox. The card says:

“The fragile eye area is one of the first places to show signs of ageing and fatigue. The Eye Concentrate combats this with Radiant Ferments that infuse the skin with energy, reinforcing its innate support system. A calming cocktail of sea algae and anti-irritants help to soothe and balance.”

This is a teeny 3ml sample of The Eye Concentrate, although not much is needed per application. I would imagine this will last me two weeks, or thereabouts. The full size cream is 15ml and retails for £150.00 in various places including If the sample is based on a similar pricing structure as the full size, the cream costs £10 per ml or £30 for this sample. 

The packaging for this cream is much simpler than some of the others I have sampled from the La Mer range. The cream comes in an upright dark green glossy tube, with a matching dark green glossy lid. The La Mer branding is printed on the front, along with the product name in lighter green text. The back of the tube has contact details for the company, and place of manufacture. 

Directions: Using your ring finger, lightly dot The Eye Concentrate evenly around the orbital bones and then, using light circular motions, gently massage in. 

Following the instruction I squeeze a small amount of white cream from the tube. The cream smells fresh, like cucumber. I lightly dot it around my eye as instructed and then massage in. I can feel the cream cooling the skin of my under eye as the product is quickly absorbed by the skin. My eyes feel great, but I don’t notice any visible differences after only one application. 

I’ve enjoyed trying this cream and it definitely got me through my shower earlier when I thought my legs were going to give up(!) but I don’t feel the same sense of longing for this cream as I have for some of the other La Mer products I’ve tested. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s that I’m currently using Benefit “It’s Potent” eye cream which gives me a similar result for a fraction of the price. The Benefit cream is also widely available online with prices starting from £22.95 upwards for 14.2g tub of cream. The formula is a little thicker than La Mer’s formula and I find that I have to be careful not to overdo it as it doesn’t absorb so readily if I apply too much. It is a great cheaper alternative to La Mer and one that I’m happy sticking to. 

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