Kevin.Murphy ‘Young.Again’ Product Review

This is the first product that I’m trying from the Roccabox, and I’m very excited to use it. If you’ve read any of my previous hair product reviews, or watched the unboxing video you’ll know that my hair is artificially blonde, and endures heat styling which can leave it a little dry in the ends. I’m forever on a quest to find hair products that will give me the Disney princess hair that I so long for. I mentioned in the Roccabox March 2017 article (which is the previous article) that I’m really hoping that this hair treat will leave my hair feeling smooth and shiny. The Roccabox card says about the oil:

“Young Again is a dreamy weightless leave-in treatment oil, formulated to counteract the oxidation and ageing process (a.k.a. all that blow drying we are guilty of.)”

The full product name is ‘Young.Again Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil’ by Kevin.Murphy. This is a full size product which contains 100ml of oil, and it looks like it will last me for quite a long time – probably months instead of weeks. The product isn’t the easiest to find available to buy in the UK, but it is available from for £30, or is slightly cheaper on for £29.92 with free delivery.

The picture above shows the bottom of the bottle as this is the best view to see the shape of the packaging. The bottle is a 5-sided shape – it looks cool, modern, and completely different to other bottle designs. It’s made out of plastic, and is a seriously bold purple colour, with pale yellow coloured writing. One of the sides of the bottle is bigger and more prominent than the others and this is intended to be the bottles focal point, for ease I’ll refer to it as the front. The front of the bottle has an indented K in the plastic to represent the Kevin Murphy branding, and the product name is printed at the bottom of the bottle in English and French.

On the back of the bottle are two labels. The right hand label has a Cruelty Free emblum to signify this has not been tested on animals, along with a list of ingredients and the company and production information. This label is peelable and overleaf is a list of precautions, and various translations of the information. On the left hand label is some product information written in English and French. It says:

“Indulge yourself with immensely conditioned smooth, soft hair. Apply daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment.”

Directions: Apply to damp, freshly washed hair before styling.

To make this a fair comparison to my current heat protection/shine spray I prepared my hair in the same way as I usually do. I washed my hair using TRESemmé ‘Luxurious Moisture’ Shampoo, and conditioned using the same Brand/type conditioner. After removing the excess moisture from my hair with a towel I applied a small amount of Percy & Reed ‘Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm’ Hair Primer and brushed my hair through.

I double check the instructions on the bottle and the Roccabox card, but it doesn’t indicate how much oil to use to give the best result. I’ve got a bit excited with hair oil in the past, not this brand but a Moroccan oil that was supposed to give me shiny hair, and it left it looking greasy so I’m cautious about not overdoing it. At the same time, I don’t want to forgo my heat protection and frazzle my poor hair. I decide two or three small pumps will be safe, and rubs my hands together to spread the oil across my palms so I can work it evenly through my hair. The oil smells nice, but the smell is very faint and easy to miss. I start rubbing the oil into the ends of my hair and work my way towards the roots. There are only traces of oil left on my hands by the time I reach the roots, meaning I have less chance of my roots becoming greasy. Using my hairdryer I get to work on drying my hair.

Im really happy with the condition of my hair when I finish blow drying. My hair seems shiny, and my ends that can sometimes become dry and rough feel smooth to the tip. My hair also doesn’t feel heavy like it has in the past when I’ve tried other oil hair products, it feels light. I really wanted smooth and shiny hair from this hair oil, and I think I’ve got it! I don’t know whether I’ll go on to buy this again as £30 is a lot more than I spend on my current heat protection spray, and I get great results from that too. Thanks to Roccabox providing such a generous amount of this hair oil I have a lot of it to look forward to, and who knows whether it will have become a staple part of my hair routine when I run out in a few months. Maybe then the price tag will matter a little bit less to me.

Edit: 08.03.17 – I’ve started getting some amazing compliments about my hair. Three people mentioned it in work yesterday, and even my husband had to check he hadn’t forgotten to compliment me after going to the salon. The price tag is completely justified, I’m using this forever! Faye 💕

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