Roccabox March 2017 Unboxing

Roccabox is a brand new monthly subscription beauty box that launched 1st March this year. I started in January 2017 as a hobby, and the first Social Media platform I set up for myself was Instagram as an easy way to reach people who love beauty boxes like I do. Roccabox were one of the first accounts that popped up on my radar, and I’ve enjoyed watching their Instagram pictures ever since. Whilst they post a lovely photo, I wasn’t going to subscribe as I’d talked myself into subscribing to a competitor’s box, but then I saw a photo of what the box design would look like and changed my mind. I’m a sucker for packaging, what can I say? The first thing I did on 1st March is sign up, I paid £10 + £3.95 postage & packaging for the box, which arrived today.

You can watch the unboxing on YouTube by clicking here:

I haven’t seen any teasers from Roccabox to give any hints about what is included in the box, but I have avoided a few box reviews on Twitter as I really wanted the inside of the box to be a surprise. The Roccabox branding is really classy. Next to the brand name on the lid of the box is a diamond, which combined with the shiny rose gold finish of the logo and simplicity of the plain white box design makes this box look like a very high quality item. I hope this means the treats inside are just a beautiful! Lifting the lid of the box to peek inside I can see some familiar features that other subscription beauty boxes also have. The items are nestled in pink shredded paper, and it is a beautiful shade of pink. There are a few reasons I love shredded paper in a beauty box, of course it looks pretty and shows attention to detail but I also think it offers some protection to the products in transit. The box also contains a card, which tells me a little about the products.

I have five products in my Roccabox, of which two are full size. It also looks like I have a good mix of products, with one hair care, two skincare and two makeup products. I always like to get a nice mix of items inside a beauty box, and I’m pleased that Roccabox have started with this in mind.

The first item in the box is a Kevin.Murphy ‘Young Again’ hair oil. This is described as a deamy, weightless leave-in treatment oil. If you have read any of my previous reviews of hair products you will know that my hair can be quite dry if I don’t look after it as I dye it blonde, plus use heat styling. This is a full size product, and I’m really hoping this will keep my hair smooth, shiny and feeling fabulous.

The next item I find in my box is a Balance Me ‘Radiance Face Oil’. I’m currently still using the Balance Me face wash I had I the Limited Edition Skincare Birchbox, and I still love it so I’m very much looking forward to this. What I really want from this product is a non greasy hydration that doesn’t make my skin feel oily afterwards.

New CID Cosmetics ‘I-prime Mini’ is the next item in my box, and I’ve been looking for a new primer to bring into my daily routine so I’m pleased to have this. From a primer I want it to feel lightweight a comfortable to wear, but help to give me a long lasting finish for my makeup.

The Nanshy ‘Marvel 4-in-1 make-up sponge’ is the next product in the box. I’m yet to try any of these trendy blending sponges as I still love my brushes, so I’ve prioritised other beauty spends above getting one. I’m actually really excited to try this and see what difference it makes to my makeup application.

The final product in my box is Dr.Lipp ‘Original Nipple Balm for Lips.’ I’m not sure how I feel about this product in a beauty box. It looks useful yet I’m not sure if it’s more of a medical than a beauty treat? Maybe it’s on the cusp of being either, it’s certainly practical. I’m lucky enough not to have any dry, sort, cracked, sensitive or itchy skin on my lips at the moment, although it’s Winter I use a conditioning lip balm that has protected my lips so they are not chapped. I’m sure I can find another use for the to try it out though!

Overall my first impression of the box is really good. The box has a nice mix of product types and two full size items. I’ve heard of one of the brands before, but the others are new to me which makes them really exciting. I’m looking forward to trying everything, and I’ll review each item as I test it. After I’ve tried each of the products I’ll come back to this post and update it with my final thoughts on the boxes value for money, and also let you know what my favourite products were.

Edit: 27.03.17 – I tried Roccabox as a curiosity and oh my they have smashed it out of the park! I paid £10 + p&p for my box, and got £59.67 worth of items. I usually like to choose a box highlight that I’ve really enjoyed using, and a standout product which has wowed me, for this box it’s been tough as I want to choose more than one thing!

My highlight is the Kevin.Murphy oil, this hair oil really is princess hair in a bottle. It’s pricey, but it works!

My standout item is the new CID iPrime, which passed round one of the battle of the primers. I love it so much I haven’t even got around to trying the third primer yet, and it’s purse friendly which is a double win.

Finally; special mention to the Nanshy sponge. I’m so glad it was included and I’ve used it every time I’ve done my make up since I opened it.

Great box Roccabox- cannot wait until next month!


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