La Mer ‘The Treatment Lotion’ Product Review

I’m trying to make the Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox last me as long as possible by alternating the reviews with products from other boxes. I’m so happy that tonight is a La Mer night though, my skin really needs it! I’m currently taking a makeup artist course which requires lots of practise. My daughter is often a reluctant volunteer, but I also practise on myself meaning that my already fussy skin has makeup applied, and washed off, and put back on, and so on. Introducing another La Mer product into my skincare routine can only do wonderful things for my poor face. The Glossybox card says about the lotion:

“Described as ‘liquid energy’, this rich and silky hydration floods skin with moisture and wakes up the complexion as well as visibly improving the texture and evening out the skin tone. It also helps any products you apply on top to penetrate the skin’s surface layers more efficiently, boosting the effectiveness of your overall skincare routine.”

La Mer ‘The Treatment Lotion’ is a 5ml sample bottle, which I guess will last me a week of daily usage. A full size bottle contains 150ml and retails in numerous stores at £100, including Yes, £100 is a lot of money for skincare but we know this stuff is expensive, and that’s what makes this Limited Edition box so amazing. The cost of this lotion is 66p per ml, or £3.33 for this sample, based on a similar pricing structure as the full size bottle.

This lotion comes in the tiniest little bottle I’ve seen. It’s approximately the size of my thumb (as you can see from the photo above) and I almost expect it to say ‘Drink Me’ instead of La Mer on the front as it reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland. The bottle itself is green plastic. The colour looks quite dark like a wine bottle until you hold it to the light and then it lights up like an emerald. The lid of the bottle is made of metal and is a lovely shiny gold colour, but it’s not a bright yellow gold it’s slightly darker, which complements the bottle perfectly. Unscrewing the lid I breathe in the smell of the lotion, and it smells really good. It’s scent is sweet and smells just like Refreshers sweets – the chewy ones with the sky blue label that I used to buy from the Newsagents as a child with my sister. At this point I must admit that I forgot what I was meant to be doing and instead was trying to remember the last time I had Refreshers, and was also enjoying the smell of the lotion. Some time later…

Directions: Press it over cleansed skin, applying it immediately after cleansing and before any other products.

I’ve prepared my face by washing with the Balance Me face wash I had in my Limited Edition Birchbox (see early February for the review), and cleansing with the La Mer ‘The Micellar Water’ cleanser, which I first tried two days ago. I wasn’t sure what to use to apply this lotion, but the bottle is so small I don’t want to waste a drop of it so I opted to use my fingers to apply it to my skin. I would liken applying it to my skin like applying a luxurious oil product to hair. The lotion glided on, and whilst the bottle is small I didn’t need a lot of the product to cover my face. I could feel the differnce in my skin immediately as my skin felt softer and smoother, and as the product is so light it was left feeling clean and refreshed.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would absolutely buy buckets of this stuff, and use it forevermore. This is an awesome product, for anyone who has the chance to try it I don’t think you will be disappointed if you do. Back in reality I’m going to enjoy using this for the next week or so. I would have loved a slightly bigger bottle of this lotion so it could last a little longer but alas all good things must come to an end at some point, or so I’m told.

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