La Mer ‘The Micellar Water’ Product Review

Oh! I’m finally trying something from the Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox, and I’m starting with the cleanser. In the run up to the launch of the box Glossybox described this as the newest addition to La Mer’s cleansing range. I usually use a cleansing face wash and don’t cleanse separately, but I’m looking forward to trying this little bottle of loveliness to see if it makes a difference to my skin.

“This cooling cleanser has the refreshing feel of a splash of water without the skin-drying effects. Positively charged water molecules dissolve impurities and makeup (even waterproof), while purifying algae gets to grips with dirt and pollution leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.”

‘The cleansing micellar water’ is the full name of the cleanser, and the box contained a 30ml sample bottle of product to try. Full size this product sells in 200ml bottles, and is widely available for £70 from various retailers, including I’m someone who believes in brands, and whilst I don’t think that all inexpensive products are cheap or poor quality, I do believe that very often you get what you pay for. Saying that, I’m looking at the £70 price tag for this cleanser and I can’t quite believe my eyes! It seems very expensive – I’m expecting miracles! The cleanser costs 35p per ml, or the sample costs £10.50 based on a similar pricing structure as the full size cleanser.

The cleanser bottle is very pretty, it comes in a shiny clear plastic bottle with a chrome coloured high shine finish screw in top. The cleanser itself it’s also totally transparent, and looks like water. La Mer have opted to keep the branding very simple, choosing only the brand and product name on the front of the bottle. The information text is printed in green, and the bottle contains information about the company details, ingredients, and also lists that it is not for resale. As the text is green, and the bottled and liquid clear it gives the overall look of the liquid a slightly green tinge. 

Directions: Moisten two cotton pads and gently sweep each over one half of the face, neck and eyes without rubbing or pulling skin.

TIP: If you’re double cleansing, use this as the first step!

I’m ready to try the cleanser, and I have to admit I’m a little more excited than I should be. The lid screws off, and I breathe in the scent of the cleanser. The cleanser is perfumed and smells utterly gorgeous. I also get a strong, clean smelling afterscent that reminds me of vodka – I’m starting to worry that this might be too strong for my skin. I follow the directions and sweep the each cotton pad over half of my face, after using my usual face wash. The cleanser isn’t too strong, it feels comfortable like water to use. I check the cotton pads after I have finished, half expecting to see some debris from my pores that I’ve been unable to remove previously. Of course, I see no such thing and the cotton pad looks the same as it always does, although my skin feels soft afterwards. 

I definitely can’t afford to integrate this into my regular routine, and whilst I enjoy this cleanser I’m not sure I would want to either as there are plenty of other cleansers that cost £15-25 that in my opinion meet a very similar standard of cleanse.  Am I disappointed that I got this? Absolutely not! The smell alone is divine and I’m really looking forward to using this again in the morning, and working the other La Mer products into the routine over the next few days.

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