Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant Product Review

This Phytomer Exfoliant came in my Limited Skincare Edition Birchbox that I received at the beginning of February, and I’d put to one side to review my regular monthly boxes. The Birchbox card says about this cream:

“Harnessing the Skincare benefits of pure seawater, this naturally active exfoliating removes impurities and refines skins texture.”

The Vegetal Exfoliator is a full 50ml tube of lotion. I found this widely available to buy online, the best price was £21.99 from ‘Treat your Skin Limited’, but the packaging looks very different, or you could opt for £22.00 from if you like the packaging design I have. 

I do like the packaging design, Phytomer have opted for a metallic blue colour which is classy and shiny, but at the same time relaxing, and the writing is in white. The colour scheme reminds me a little of the sea, which itself invokes feelings of calm and relaxation. The product comes in a box which I think is a good start. Whilst I know some people will dislike the extra packaging, I think things look neater and lovelier in a box. I do use it too, and I’ll put the items back in the box after use to keep the tube pristine, but also to help me store them easily (as boxes are much more stackable than tubes.) the tube itself has a very similar look to the box, but with a lovely shiny chrome coloured lid. 

Directions from Product: Once or twice a week, apply over face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse with water.

Directions from Birchbox Card: Apply to clean skin for 5 minutes then rinse away.

I squeezed a little product on to my hand first. The Exfoliant is a lovely pale blue/green in colour, and is a thick cream. The formula smells lovely, if you used Clearasil when you were younger it reminds me of a peculiar mix of Clearasil and spa products, it sounds awful but it’s really rather pleasant. The are subtle differences between the Birchbox card and the product description, so I decide to merge the two instructions and apply the product to my face and neck for 5 minutes after washing. The cream feels quite sticky and heavy on my skin, and I’m worried that I’m not going to like the feel of my skin afterwards. When the five minutes is up I manically splash water on my face to rinse, but to my surprise my skin feels good underneath, and the heavy feeling disappears immediately.

Overall, even my fussy skin likes this exfoliant and I’ll continue to use it until I’ve finished it all. I’ve been treated to some truly excellent skin products recently, and I can’t help but compare it to the La Theorie des Volcans scrub I had in my February Glossybox. Whilst the Phytomer is cheaper per ml (only just!), La Theorie des Volcans scrub wins hands down on results, and I think is worth the few pounds extra. 

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