MeMeMe ‘Beat the Blues’ Product Review

The final product from my February Glossybox to try is the MeMeMe ‘Beat the Blues’ highlighter. I love highlighting because I love the dewy effect it gives on skin, and I love how a little well placed highlighter can transform a look. I usually highlight several times when I’m putting on my make up, and have a mixture of products from powders to creams that I use to create my final effect. The Glossybox card says about this highlighter:

“Boost the radiance of winter-weary complexion with this iridescent skin illumination. A hero product, it’s ideal for creating a youthful dewy finish thanks to the light-reflecting pigments.”

The highlighter is in the shade ‘Oyster Gold’ and is a full size 9ml product. It is also available in a pink hue on, both shades costing £7.25 each. 

The highlighter is packaged in a clear glass bottle, like that of a nail polish bottle. It has a black screw on lid with a brush attached to it. The brand have opted for minimal design on the labelling to allow the beautiful shiny colour of the highlighter be the main focus for your eye. The brand, product name and shade are displayed using a mixture of black and white font on the front, finished with a pretty filigree pattern using black outline.

The highlighter paints on to the skin easily and makes an instant impact. There wasn’t a lot of chatter about this product online from other Glossies, but I did see some criticisms that the product is too dark. I think less is definitely more with this illuminator, and it can be built up to achieve the desired effect. I used it by dabbing little dots under my brows and on my cheekbones, using my fingers to spread and blend, and repeating until I built up the result I was happy with. This highlighter is absolutely packed with light, it reminds me very much if the Benefit ‘Moonbeam’ highlighter, so if you like that you should definitely try this. The highlighter is lightweight also – some highlighters I’ve tried in the past felt like a sticky film on my skin, but this formula is easy to wear and very comfortable. One this I will say is that the formula is quite think, as is the brush which doesn’t make it deal if you want precision. To solve this you can use a thinner brush with the product it if you need to be precise or just want smaller dots to blend.

The photo above is to illustrate the amount of highlight this product can give to skin. Whilst the product in the photo still needs to be blended, you can see that even on a grey, miserable rainy day the level of highlight is outstanding. It’s safe to say that I adore this highlighter, and I’m going to use it every time I put on my makeup. As this is the last product from my February’s Glossybox to review, I’ll go back to the February Glossybox article and leave my final thoughts. 

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