Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox

I have been waiting for this moment since Glossybox starting promoted it in January, and that’s the moment I can get my hands on a Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox. I’ve not purchased a Limited Edition from Glossybox before, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it as there isn’t the usual ‘surprise factor’ that usually comes with receiving a beauty box through the post, but this La Mer collaboration have persuaded me to try it. It seemed like a popular box, I saw lots of comments on Social Media from Glossies who missed out, and I saw some Glossybox communications saying that the 2,000 boxes sold in 45 minutes. The Glossybox card says:

“…Skincare doesn’t get better than this six-step Skincare regime from one of the worlds most luxurious brands. La Mer was born in founder Dr. Huber’s quest to transform his skin. Capturing the science of the sea, it took him 12 years and over 6000 experiments to formulate his legendary restorative Miracle Brothat the heart of the brand and every product within the box.”

I have uploaded a video of the unboxing to YouTube:

I paid £35 + p&p for this box, or non Glossybox subscribers could purchase it for £40 +p&p. The box contains 6 Skincare samples from the La Mer range. I’ll cost check the products as I review them, and reflect on whether I thought my box was value for money after the final product review.

The box is very pretty, its adorned with La Mer branding and hints of the sea. The trademark pink box has been replaced with a beautiful blue green colour box with the La Mer branding on the lid. The box has all the usual fine detailing that makes a Glossybox feel a little special to open. The products are wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon but both contain the lLa Mer branding. The ribbon is cream, and reminds me of sand. The box is beautiful, and very high class.

The first product I have in my box is ‘The Micellar Water’ which is a cleanser. There is a little tip with this cleanser that “If you’re double cleansing, use this as the first step!” I haven’t double cleansed before, I might try it!

The next product listed on my card is the teeniest, tiniest little bottle of potion I’ve seen. It reminds me of something I would expect to see in Alice in Wonderland. It’s called ‘The Treatment Lotion’, and is an energising and hydrating liquid. “Press it over cleansed skin, applying it immediately after cleansing and before any other product.” This box is building into a lovely step-by-step skin care routine.

‘The Revitalising Hudrating Serum’ is the next item, and it says “If you have oily skin, this serum is all you need in the morning and leaves skin perfectly primed for makeup.” I do have oily skin, sometimes, so I can’t wait to try this.

For my eye area ‘The Eye Concentrate’ is included. “Using your ring finger, lightly dot The Eye Concentrate evenly around the orbital bones and then using very light circular motions gently massage it in.”

There is also ‘The Intense Revitalising Mask’ which is a luxurious face mask. “For a super-intensive treatment leave it on overnight”. I may or may not try that as I have white bedding, it depends on the colour of the mask.

“Crème de la Mer” is the final product, and you can tailor the application of this cult product to your skintone. “La Mer has 5 different textures of moisturiser to choose from, all of which include the coveted Miracle Broth ingredient.”

That was a bit of a whistle stop tour of my Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox. My biggest worry about this box is that I don’t actually want to like any of the products too much as looking at the RRP on the card I couldn’t afford to incorporate any of them into my skincare routing long term. It’s the first time I’ve bought something where part of me loves it and wants to love it when I try it too, and part of me secretly wants to hate it! I’ll be reviewing each product over the next few weeks, and of course I will update this article with my overall thoughts when I have reviewed the last product.

Edit: 28.03.17 – I had a whopping £117.82 worth of stuff for £35. That’s an incredible deal! I’m not likely to go on and buy any of the products I’ve used in this box as they are just too pricey, but what a lovely opportunity this has been for me to try them. This is my first Limited Edition Glossybox, good on you Glossybox it was amazing.

The highlight for me was the Revitalising Hydrating Serum. It smells odd, and the smell has really grown on me but it feels lovely.

The standout product was the Intensive Revitalising Mask, it was fresh and hydrating without being greasy or too full on. I loved it – Faye 💕

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