La Theorie des Volcans Product Review

They say that French is the language of love and in this the month of love there is a definite French theme emerging, at least among the sneak peek items. This next product was the very first product revealed by Glossybox ahead of the boxes dispatch. There was a lot of promotion for this face mask, and Glossybox even put together a guide showing Glossies how to use it. This face mask has been the subject of some worried questions from users on Social Media, with subscribers concerned that the tube seems only half filled with product. Glossybox reassured customers that the packaging is generous, but the bottles all have 30ml product. The card describes this product as:

“Using mineral-rich volcanic paste, this mask cleanses and purifies. Enriched with anti-ageing ingredients, it also plumps and smooths skin. Apply the pink mask and watch it turn grey as it gets to work removing impurities and dead skin cells. What’s more, it’s paraben and silicone-free, vegan and 90% natural. Rest assured, while the packaging is a little generous, there is 30 ml worth magical mask for you to enjoy!”

“Noir Eternae Purifying Youth Potion Mask Scrub” is the full name of this face scrub. I love the sound of a youth potion, it’s exactly what I need! This is a full size 30ml tube, which Glossybox say it worth £26. £26 for 30ml scrub is really expensive, and a full size product containing 30ml seems really small! Thinking there’s a typo on my card I Google the product and quickly find the full size is 30ml, and it is for sale on for €30, which based on today’s exchange rate is £25.34. For the price of this product, my expectations are really high.

The mask comes in an upright plastic tube, with a shiny purple lid that screws on to the nozzle. The packaging is very striking, a mix of black, deep purple and magenta. There is a picture being used as a backdrop all over the packaging which I think might be rocks or crystals, but I’m not 100% certain as there is a lot of white writing covering the details. Whilst it’s nice to see a different style of packaging from what I’ve been seeing recently, this is a little busy for me and I wouldn’t pick it out in a shop – but I can overlook the package design if the scrub itself is as good as I hope it is. The scrub lists 4 key ingredients on the front; volcanic rock, mullein flower, lingonberries extract, amethyst extract. 

Directions: Use two to three times a week. Leave on for two minutes for a more intense regenerating action. Massage with fingertips in light circular motion to exfoliate, rinse with clean water.

The smell is the first thing I notice as I remove the lid of the scrub. Like the packaging it’s vibrant and stands out, but unlike the packaging I adore the smell. The cream is great; it has a thick consistency and is the palest of pink colours. This mask may be quite expensive, but it spreads really easily on my face so a little goes a long way. As the mask goes to work on my face I can see the colour changing to brown, exactly as the Glossybox card promised me it would. I leave the product for two minutes, whilst staring in amazement at the magic colour changing happening before me, and then I give it a good rub. It feels like there is coarse sand in this scrub, and it gives a really good exfoliation with no discomfort. 

Ooh la la, my skin feels clean, soft and generally amazing. I very rarely get the wow factor when trying face products, but I’ve had it twice this week (the other product to make me weak at the knees was the Keeome face mask.) I’ve been lucky enough to try a few face pamper treats recently from my boxes, and this is my favourite so far. Whereas some face products felt heavy on my skin this one is completely the opposite – the clean, smooth feeling and the beautiful smell lasted for hours. It’s safe to say I love it, but whilst I think it’s worth every penny I don’t love the price and size enough to encorporate it into my regular routine. I will consider buying it as a one off treat, and cant wait to use the rest of this magical tube of loveliness two to three times a week until I run out, which is hopefully a few weeks away.

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