Jeanne Arthes Product Review

To celebrate the Limited Edition La Mer Glossybox going on sale today (I’m so excited for it), I’ve returned to my February Glossybox for my next product review, and I’m going to try out the perfume. This fragrance was featured as one of the sneak peeks that every Glossybox subscriber knew they would receive it in their Valentines Special Love themed box. This product has had mixed reviews online from the Glossies, some subscribers seem to love the scent, and others are really turned off by it. Glossybox did quite a big write up about this product on the information card, and it was given a prominent place on the front of the card. It read,

“Jeanne Arthes has spent 35 years working closely with master perfumers from Grasse, the centre of the perfume world, to create modern fragrances with an elegant French twist. Rose is having a moment and this delicate fragrance is a wonderfully modern reinvention, combining the classic scent with dreamy, elegant and crisp notes.”

The scent is called L’eau de Rose, and Glossybox describe this as a full size sample valued at £20. I couldnt find the perfume for sale in the UK by Googling, so I visited the link on the Glossybox card which took me to Jeanne Arthes’ Facebook product page. After a few more clicks I managed to find a brochure of Joanne’s fragrances, but whilst there were a couple of rose scented parfum’s there was no mention of a L’eau de Rose. There is however a Rose de Grasse in the catalogue which comes in a similar size and shape bottle but with a slightly different name and font. Alas I can’t find any prices for this either to see if it’s for sale anywhere cheaper in the UK. As I can’t seem to find this to buy anywhere, I feel like Glossybox have treated me to something really unique and special.

Perfume bottles can be the most beautiful of creations, and there are times in the past I have bought a perfume knowing that I like the bottle a little more than the scent inside. This bottle is very simple, the Eau de Parfum comes in a clear, rectangular glass bottle which shows off the pale pink colour of the liquid scent inside. The product name is written on the front in black capital letters, and there is a hint of calligraphy in the font which gives the branding a classic feel. The lid of the bottle is matte black, and feels cool to the touch. Looking at the lid it looks like it’s made of two parts, an inner clear plastic lid which is hidden from view, and an outer part of the lid which we can see. I suspect the outer part of the lid is metal, but I’m glad it’s been reinforced with plastic as thin metal lids can bend or scrape against the glass, and be quite unpleasant. The spray nozzle is a plastic pump spray, although this one is permanently fixed to the glass. On the top of the spray is a fancy H, or it could be a Jf, but none of these things have any relation to the product name, or manufacturer. I’ve put a picture below, if you work out what it stands for please comment or let me know @fayesbox on social media, it’s got me stumped!

Glossybox did a great online feature about how to apply and wear perfume, and they included a snippet on the Glossybox card. It says, “Never rub your wrists together after applying fragrance as this affects the scent! Simply spray and gently press, or wait for it to dry!” I’m guilty of rubbing my wrists together after giving them a spray, or at least I was as I don’t anymore… when I remember.

I applied a spray of L’eau de Rose to my wrists, inner elbows and neck. The first thing I notice is the smell, which is unmistakably rose. There is no hiding from it, if you like rose scent you’ll love this spray, if you don’t then you’ll hate it. I’m lucky because I do quite like it, although I wouldn’t wear it to work because of the Marmite factor. It’s the kind of scent that’s gentle enough to enjoy on a quiet weekend, or I think it would work really well for a day guest at a wedding. Whilst the fragrance is light it has staying power and lasts for hours before it needs a touch up.

The second thing I notice about this spray is that it’s not packed full of alcohol. I only sprayed once on each wrist, elbow and on my neck, but as I lifted my wrist to my face to breathe it in a big drip ran down my arm. I feel really conflicted, there’s a sensible part of me that knows alcohol dries skin and tells me I should be grateful that this product is drying more naturally. Then there is another part of me desperately trying not to rub what has now run from my wrist to my elbow, and my elbow up my arm… not to mention the drip running down my neck! This part of me wishes it would dry more quickly.

Overall, I’m really happy with my L’eau de Rose parfum, and I’ll definitely continue using the product regularly. I don’t know whether I would buy another one when this runs out, but that’s not a decision I have to make as it’s not available to buy here (that I can see). 

3 thoughts on “Jeanne Arthes Product Review

    • fayesbox says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment! Yes, I ignore Amazon and eBay when I’m comparing prices as I’ve had problems in the past with fake cosmetics. It’s so hard to tell from the webpage, and some of them fake reviews to make them look legit. If it’s just for me I’ll look into it and maybe take a chance, but I would hate the thought of directing someone to a fake posting. Glad you managed to find a great price, xx


  1. Margaret says:

    Hi there
    I loved this perfume when I received my Glossybox in the UK. However, it has sold out now unfortunately. I rang Glossybox this morning from Spain and the lady said they had had such a wonderful response that she hoped that more perfume would be forthcoming in the future. Let’s hope so. I wasn’t quick enough whilst in the UK to buy more……….

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