Vasanti Product Review

The last product I have to try from my Birchbox is the Visanti “Brighten Up!” Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. I recorded the unboxing of my February Birchbox for the first time, and posted it to YouTube. I didn’t expect any response to it but one of the comments I received enthused about how good this product is. I don’t think anything beats a bit of personal endorsement, so I’ve been really looking forward to trying it for myself, and purposely saved it as the last product to try. If you’ve read any of my other product reviews, you’ll know I like to include the caption that appears on the Birchbox card describing the product here. My card has a typo on it and describes a product for leg shaving, so I’ll skip that bit.

The Visanti “Brighten Up!” Enzymatic Face Rejuvinator is a sample sized product containing 20g. From the size and weight of the sample I guess that this will give me a week or two’s use. The product is labelled as a Birchbox exclusive on the Birchbox card, though whilst I did find the full size 120 ml product available on the website for £31.50, I also found it on for £26.00, both with free delivery. I mentioned earlier that there was a typo on my card, it could be that the Birchbox exclusive was referring to the shaving foam being described. The value of my sample based on the lowest retail price is 21p per gram or £4.33 for the sample, assuming a similar pricing structure is applied.

I think the packaging for this sample is good looking. Visanti have opted for a simplistic black text on a white background look but cleverly certain works have been printed in a beautiful sky blue font, which really makes them pop. The colourcheme makes the product look professional and cutting edge. I’m a sucker for packaging and the design makes me believe this will do wonderful things to my skin before I even try it. The sample comes in an upright tube, which is a great design for ease of use. The white lid screws on to the nozzle at the bottom of the tube. The plastic packaging feels of a good quality, and has a high gloss finish. The product says,

“Dramatically improve your skin’s texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin! Triple Action Formula brightens with powerful papaya enzymes to give radiance, exfoliates with dermatologist grade micro crystals and gently cleanses with aloe vera, coconut and panethol.”

Directions – Wet face. Massage all over in a circular motion. Rinse clean. Use 3-5 times a week. Perfect for all skin types.

I unscrew the lid and notice this sample doesn’t come with a hygiene seal, which is a little disappointing. Whilst I’m quite a trusting person and don’t think I would be sent products that had previously been opened or tried, it’s also nice to know that you’re the first by removing the little foil stopper on the nozzle. I wet my face, and squeeze the tube to release an application of white coloured cream. If you read the description and like me imagined the product to smell like a tropical cocktail, I’m sorry to say it does not. It’s not an unpleasant smell, it smells like a rich cream, similar to Nivea hand cream. The texture isn’t dissimilar either, the cream is very thick and rich, except I can feel that there are rough particles in the cream. 

I apply the cream to my face incircular motions as recommended, and the product begins to foam on contact with my wet skin. The foam is lovely and thick, and I can feel the rough textured micro crystals exfoliating my face. Sometimes products can be too heavy with the exfoliation and become uncomfortable, and other products shy away from a great result and make you wonder if you have exfoliated at all. This product seems to balance results with comfort perfectly. Whilst I love the exfoliating properties of this product, the formula is a little heavy for my skin. It reminds me of the Unani product I tried in January’s Glossybox, if that suited you this may well too. I rinse the product off my face, and already I can feel that my skin is smooth and soft, but it feels like it’s been coated in a film. 

There are a lot of things to like about this sample, and I plan on using it every other day until I finish the sample. I won’t go on to buy the full product as it doesn’t completely suit my skin type. Now that I have reviewed all of the products in my February Birchbox, I’ll go back and update the article with my final thoughts. I’ll discuss whether I felt I had value for money, and what my favourite products were. 

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