Spectrum Product Review

I’ve been experimenting with my Spectrum Brush since I opened my February Birchbox and finally got my hands on it. Birchbox announced that all subscribers would receive a Spectrum Brush with their eyeshadow trio ahead of the boxes release, so to say I’d been looking forward to it is an understatement. I don’t spend a lot of money on make up brushes, and this is probably one area of my makeup collection I need to invest more in. I’ve bought a small, decent (but not top of the range set) in the past, and the rest of my brushes I’ve picked up here and there but I would love a medium – high quality set. The thing is, there is so much choice when shopping for brushes that I find it a little overwhelming, hence why I hope I will find a brand I love in Spectrum. My Birchbox card says about the brush:

“This is the only Brush you need to perfect your eye makeup in 2017! Crafted from tapered synthetic bristles, the fluffy texture is perfect for blending, smudging and defining.”

This particular brush is the “Tulip Eye Contour Brush – Model C06” from the Marbleous range and is a full size product. My Birchbox card lists the value at £5.99 but it’s on the Birchbox.com website for £4.99, with free delivery this month. I also found the same model brush in different colours on spectrumcollections.com for £4.99 & postage.

The brush arrived in a clear plastic wallet to protect it during transit, but the packaging has cleverly allowed for the brush to speak for itself. The brush looks professional and highend, it has a long white handle, and the bristles and handle are separated by a shiny rose gold coloured cuff. The Spectrum branding and brush model number is imprinted into the side of the handle in silver writing. The bristles are two tone; grey at the bottom and white at the tip of the brush. I can see why the brush is called a “Tulip” brush, as the bristles form the shape of a flower bud, and finish in a delicate point at the end. Birchbox described the bristles as “synthetic”, and visiting the Spectrum website I can see that the company is Vegan registered and cruelty free, which will be important for many users.

Directions: Use the flat side of the brush for all-over colour, and the tip to define in the crease or lash line.

The brush feels heavier and sturdier than my other make up brushes, and the handle is slightly wider which enables me to get a good grip, and lots of control over the effect I want to achieve. I’ve tried to use the brush for creating different looks, and here’s how I got on with it:

All Over Cover – I tested this brush two different ways for applying all over colour, firstly I tried applying a block of colour to wear alone, and I also tested using it to apply a lighter block of colour to blend darker colours into. This brush is incredible in both scenarios. Some brushes are quite thirsty and the eyeshadow remains stuck in the bristles, but this brush picks up eyeshadow easily and transfers it to the skin, meaning a I had a quick application and a great result.

Highlighting Inner Eyelid – I tested sweeping some light (white or silver etc.) eyeshadow to the inner corner of my eyelid  after I had applied my main colourscheme to open up and brighten my eye. Whilst I want the light eyeshadow to be bright enough to do its job, I don’t want it to be obvious. I used the tip of the brush to help me apply the light colour exactly where I wanted it to be in the corners of my eye, and used the brush lightly to blend. The result was exactly what I was hoping to achieve – the brush served me well.

Lining Eyes – I tested applying a line of eyeshadow along the lash line of my eyelid using the tip of the brush to create a smokey eyeshadow look. I should preface this by saying this is much thicker than an eyeshadow brush so I didn’t expect much from it. Amazingly the brush did really well, and whilst the line was a little wider and smudgier than if I’d used an eyeshadow brush I still had a well defined line that gave me a great look. 

Blending Darker Shades – The very first look I tried to create with the brush involved applying a base colour and blending a darker colour into my outer eyelid/crease. I’ve done this many times before, but the first time I tried with this brush it was a disaster. I’ve tried blending with it since, and had a little more success but only if the shades are quite similar. I have noticed that the brush is becoming softer after a few uses which makes it a little easier to use for blending, but I have a super fluffy brush that makes blending a dream and I much prefer to use that. 

Overall, I think this is a high quality, great value brush that can be used to create a number of looks on its own or teamed with other brushes. I mentioned earlier that my brush collection is wanting, and it’s safe to say I’ve found a brand that I would like to see more of. My only choices now are where to jump straight in and buy a set, or spread the cost and build my collection slowly buying a brush a month? Also, do I stick with the Marbelous finish or opt for one of the other collections from the brand? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll come back and update this article when I’ve decided.

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