Keeome Product Review

This week has been incredibly busy (and rewarding) in work and I’m in desperate need of some pampering, so tonight I’ve decided to don my pyjamas and relax with my Keeome Face Mask from my February Birchbox. Birchbox subscribers were teased with this product before the boxes were sent out. We didn’t know exactly what beauty treat we would get, but we knew we would get a Korean beauty product. According to the hype Korean Beauty (or K-Beauty) is 7 years ahead . The card describes this practice as:

“This sheet mask will revitalise skin in minute, thanks to a hydrating blend of vital vitamins and mulberry extracts that sink straight into tired complexions.” 

The full product name is Keeome “Hydration Therapy Mask”, and this is a full size sample of one sheet mask with 25ml product. The RRP on my Birchbox card only gives the cost of a multipack of 6 face masks, but I’ve done some searching and I have found individual masks for sale at for £12.50. 

The packaging it very simplistic, with the brand opting for a white packet with minimal black text. The sachet makes me imagine that this is quite scientific or high tech, and it makes me think that it is a cutting edge product. Whilst the front of the packet doesn’t have many words, the back has plenty to say.

“The Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask has been created to help you recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life that causes your skin to feel greasy, dry or tired. The specially formulated serum is derived from mulberry extract and enriched with vital vitamins, which rehydrated and revitalises your skin from first use. Keeome sheet mask technology creates a barrier on top of the serum and reduces contact with air, allowing more of the active ingredients to be absorbed into your skin”

I would love to better understand the science behind the mask, but I wouldn’t know where to begin Googling this one! The packet continues by recommending using the mask between 2-4 times a month, and providing some suggested additional uses & precautions. 

Directions: Apply the mask to clean, dry skin. Leave for 25 minutes then remove and rinse your face. 

I gave the packaging a really nice feel before I opened it, and I can tell that there is a generous amount of liquid inside so I know my face mask will be good and wet. I open up the packaging using the tear cut, and breathe in the scent as the mask is released from the foil packet. I’ve not seen a mulberry before to know how one would smell (except to window shop for the beautiful handbags), but the smell is unmistakably berrylike. It reminds me of a body spray I used to have when I was in school, and it was a Dewberry perfume by the Body Shop. It’s not identical but it certainly reminds me of it in a deliciously nostalgic, yet slightly more fresh and refined wave of scent.

I pull the mask out of the packaging and I notice the formula is a very runny liquid – think less gel like with most masks and more water. Quite a lot runs off the mask and stays in the bottom of the packet, but the mask is still good and wet. I begin trying to stick it down to my face. I think I must have a very small face as I always struggle to get face masks to fit me, and end up with bubbles and creases. I look terrifying! The mask feels really cool and refreshing on my skin, and I settle down ready to relax and spend the next 25 minutes or so smoothing down bits of the mask that pop up. This mask also seemed to dry as it was on my face, but as there was plenty of formula in the packet it was quite easy to top it up to keep moistening it. When the time came to take my mask off, I rinsed with water as instructed. 

Wow. Double wow. My skin feels incredible. I can feel the results as soon as I splash water to rinse, and have struggled to stop touching myself ever since. My skin is so soft and smooth it feels like I’ve had a facial. I’m seriously impressed! This isn’t a cheap face mask, and I definitely couldn’t afford to buy these 2-4 times a month as recommended but I would love to use them every month or two as a treat alongside some of my other favourite masks that are a little bit cheaper. I’m so happy I got to try this in my box this month. 

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