Ciaté Product Review

After yesterday’s dodgy Beaver experience I’ve decided to try something from my February Glossybox, and as I’ve chipped my nails the Ciaté paint pot seems the perfect choice. The Glossybox card reads,

“While we love a bit of nail art, there is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect nude. This hue flatters any skin tone and the coffee undertones beautifully warm and uplift your skin.”

This Ciaté London paint pot is in the shade ‘PP081 – Iced Frappe’, and this is a full size 13.5ml product. It took ages for me to price check these as different websites are listing them under different headings; paint pots or nail polishes. The best price I found for Ciaté London paint pots were £1.99 + delivery from, but of the 15 shades available this particular one wasn’t for sale on that website. The cheapest price I found for this shade was £9.00 from, where it is currently reduced from £12.00, although the packaging looks a little different on that website. I couldn’t find anything identical to what I have been sent.

This is a very cute and pretty nail polish. The bottle is an unusual shape – instead of being cylindrical the bottle is wider than it is tall. Looking from underneath I see the bottle is curved so that the sides are set further back than the centre of the bottle, making a soft c shape. I thought perhaps this was a clever marketing ploy to be different, and maybe it is but maybe there is also a practical reason too. The bottle fits really nicely into my hand and the shape lets me get a good grip. The bottle itself is clear glass to show off the colour of the polish inside, and the brush handle is tall, thin black plastic. The brand is clearly displayed on the front of the bottle in black text on a white background, and the front is finished with a cute little black bow. There is also a sticker on the back of the bottle with the company information. My nail polish seems to be custom made for a sample as it states “NOT FOR RESALE” on the back. You can peel the back sticker to reveal the ingredients on the reverse, or remove it completely.

I have a huge confession. I was really naughty taking my blue colour changing polish off. The colour I used needs acetone to take it off, and I have run out so I picked the colour off, and any areas where it was stuck I filed down. I know, and I’ll be better to my nails, but I wanted you to know so you could picture my nails before I started painting – rough, thin, and lines of blue around the edges where I couldn’t file without filing my finger. There was no recommended application method on the Glossybox card or nail polish bottle, so I’ve decided to stick to my usual nail routine of three coats of colour and a top coat.

The polish is a lovely consistency, and goes on quickly and easily. Sometimes polishes can be too thick and drag around the nail with the brush, seeming to never properly set. Or, sometimes they can be so thin that they look watery, light and streaky. This was neither, and it was quick drying so by the time I had applied one coat to both hands I could apply a second coat to my first hand without waiting. I’m surprised and impressed with the depth of colour, I was expecting to see dark blue lines at the sides of my nails from my previous shade, but they are completely covered in delicious Frappe coloured goodness. After applying the third coat I apply a “Revlon Gel Finish Top Coat”, which I had in a previous Glossybox.

I adore everything about this nail polish. I love the bottle, I love the colour, I love the formula and most of all I love the finish. Glossybox said on their card, “…there is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect nude…” and I couldn’t agree more. This polish is perfect for me and I’m going to continue using it, especially as it’s a neutral colour to wear to work. I’m also totally sold on the brand, and want to try some other shades so may check out some of those 15 £1.99 shades I found. I’ll come back and update this review if or when I do!

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