Beaver Product Review

I’m staying with my February Birchbox for my next product review and I’m trying the Beaver Professional Conditioner. My Birchbox card says about this product:

“Forget going to the extremes to repair damaged hair, this gentle formula uses the natural benefits of avocado oil and aloe vera to repair locks. Hello, happy hair!” 

I have long hair, which is dyed blonde with a few highlights, and either styled using a hairdryer, straighteners, heated rollers or a combination of tools, which means that it will get dry if not cared for. Whilst my hair isn’t impossible to please I find that more things don’t work for me than do, so I would love to add another product to my limited list of products that make my hair happy so that I have more choice in future.

The product name is ‘Hydro Nutritive Repairing Conditioner’, and my sample is 40 ml, which I think will last me two or three uses. I couldn’t find a full sized product in stock and for sale outside, but it is available on the Birchbox website in the full size 210ml for £12.00. Based on a similar pricing structure, this Beaver Conditioner costs 5.7p/ml or £2.29 for the sample.

The conditioner comes in an upright soft plastic tube, which I’m a huge fan of as it’s easy to get the last bits of product out and avoid wasting any. The tube itself is cream in colour, and the words and images in the design are grey, navy and orange. The lid screws on to the nozzle at the bottom of the tube and is gold/bronze plastic. I’m not a huge fan of plastics trying to copy metallic colours as very few achieve them, but I’m also not a fan of this packaging design in general. I think Beaver want it to look like a professional hair product, but I think it looks a little dated. On the back of the tube it describes itself as:

“Beaver Hydro Nutritive Series contains abundant Amino Acids and Vitamins, with 18 kinds of Vital Amino Acids to repair damaged hair and prevent hair breakage. As a result, hair is strengthened and naturally healthy inside and out.”

I do love a little science behind the magic of a product, but I also wonder sometimes how much of it is sound scientific opinion. If you Google, for example, ‘can your hair absorb vitamins?’ the first answer displayed is from https// and it says:

“Existing hair cannot metabolise or otherwise absorb nutrients or vitamins; it’s makeup comes from your circulatory system, not from anything you put on it topically. But compounds can be applied to the surface of your hair.”

This of course is only one viewpoint, and I’m certainly no expert in the science of hair, but I found many other articles in the first three pages of search results that I read that agreed with the excerpt above that vitamins and amino acids are absorbed from inside the body from what you eat or drink, and not through your shampoo or conditioner, as I think this product is suggesting. The only article I found in those pages that disagreed was satirical. Whether it is correct or not, I still hold high hopes for a great result. 

Directions: Bottle – “Use daily after hair cleansing. Spread evenly onto wet hair and massage for a while, then rinse with water.” Birchbox Card – “Smooth thought the ends of clean, wet, hair then rinse away.”

I’ve never heard of hair cleansing – is that a thing? A quick Google says yes, so I’ll have to check that out. I’ve chosen to follow the Birchbox instructions and apply after my shampoo in place of my usual conditioner. The conditioner is a thick, white cream, much like any other conditioner. This might seem like a really odd thing to write, but it smells like conditioner too. By that I mean that if I were to smell it blindfolded I’m sure I would recognise it as a conditioner, even if I hadn’t encountered the product before. The smell is quite strong, like jasmine but jasmine is a little sweeter. I don’t like the smell, but I can ignore that if the result is great. The conditioner is really easy to apply, and feels really thick and nourishing in my hair. I can feel it detangling when I’m working it through with my fingers, and it washes out really easily too. 

I made sure I followed my usual haircare routine so I’d get a really accurate comparison of the overall result from the Beaver compared to my usual conditioner. It was a disappointing result. My hair felt limp and heavy in the middle and the ends felt dry and coarse. I usually try to to give a balanced opinion when reviewing a product, but for me on this occasion I couldn’t give it any more than one star when feeding back to Birchbox on their website. I dislike the packaging, I can’t stand the smell and the result was poor. The only good news is that only one or two uses would be wasted if I were to discard it, due to the sample size. 

If you’ve tried this product and love it please comment below – I feel terrible writing such a bad review so it would be great to balance it with some happy Beaver users. 

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