Pop Beauty Product Review

I’ve decided to mix up the boxes, and today I tested the Pop Beauty eyeshadow trio. I love to read the feedback online as people react to their boxes, and one criticism that seems to pop up time and again is that subscribers have been receiving their box and the eyeshadow’s have smashed. If that’s happened to you, they know that they are a little fragile and encourage subscribers to e-mail support@birchbix.co.uk so they can fix it. My Birchbox card describes this products as, “Master that smokey eye with this palette of new silky shades! Blend all three for perfectly polished look or just apply your favourite for a neutral wash of colour.” 

The eyeshadow trio is a three shade sample from a larger ten shade palette by Pop Beauty, which is called “Bright Up Your Life”. This particular shade is ‘Champagne Mocha’, I couldn’t find a palette in that particular shade available to buy online but there is a palette which looks like it has identical colours available for £15.50 at birchbox.co.uk or popbeauty.co.uk. For anyone costing their boxes, the shades work out at £1.55 per shade, or approximately £4.65 for the eyeshadow trio, assuming the pricing structure is similar. 

The packaging for this sample is very simple, the eyeshadows are housed in shiny plastic casing. The bottom of the case is black plastic, the top is a see through plastic lid, which is hinged to open and close. This eyeshadow trio is unapologetically just an eyeshadow trio, there is nothing fancy or luxurious about the presentation, it presents itself simply as what it is. On the front of the lid is a large Pop Beauty logo in silver. The logo itself plays on the word ‘pop’ and looks like a bang, or a balloon bursting, but the logo doesn’t entirely cover the eyeshadow shades so they can still be seen between the silver lines. The silver colour scheme is repeated on the back of the packaging, the ingredients and company details have been stuck on with a silver sticker. The sticker isn’t even close to being flush with the outsides of casing, my top left corner being far higher than the top right. My initial thought was that it was a bit shoddy and makes a very simple packing look cheap, but on reflection I actually think it adds character by not being perfect. It’s saying, “take me as I am!”

The eyeshadow trio comes with a little foam eyeshadow brush, its double headed so if you use foam brushes to apply your eyeshadow you have a surface for each shade, and a spare one. The brush is black and matches perfectly to the lower casing which the shades are housed in. From what I can tell the shade sizes themselves are full size. Each of the colours is a shade of brown, there is a light brown which has hints of peach, and reminds me of milky tea. I guess this is the champagne part of the champagne mocha. The medium colour is a little darker and does actually reminds me of a mocha, or maybe chocolate ice cream, or somewhere inbetween. The darker shade is pretty dark, and the colour resembles coffee grains. There are some glittery specks in this shade, and they shine gold/red in the light. There is a section on the Birchbox website with some application ideas, I’m going to follow the directions on my Birchbox card it says,

“Apply the middle shade over your eyelid, the darker colour through the socket crease and the lightest in the corner.”

I have really mixed feelings about the different shades in my palette. My favourite shade is the lightest shade. I didn’t find it highly pigmented, which isn’t unusual for light eye shadows, but I found I could build up colour using this shade. I also found that even if I didn’t get the colour result is was really brightening to my eye – a definite win.

The middle coloured shade was easy to apply, but it didn’t matter how much I put on I couldn’t see where I had applied it! Check out @fayesbox on Instagram for a quick video swatch. 

The darker coloured shade was highly pigmented and only took a little bit to give a really striking result. I found this shade really difficult to blend, and whereas I would usually finish with my darker shade, I found I have to work around with concealer and a lighter shade again afterwards to tidy it up. 

I was happy with the final result of my eyeshadow, after a little tweaking, some liner and mascara. I do wish the middle shade was a little more pigmented, or a little darker, and that the darker shade was smoother and easier to blend. I have other eye shadows which currently do that for me, so I’m not going to rush to wear this sample everyday in the smokey look, as suggested. 

However, whilst I can’t get this trio to co-operate as that particular look, I have discovered some great uses for the shades individually. I loved the lighter shade and can mix that with other brands to brighten the inner corner of my eyelid whatever look I’m working on. I also mentioned that the middle shade applied beautifully, so would make a nice base before I start doing my make up. The dark colour is so striking it would make a good eyeliner for when liquid is too severe, and as I found it tough to blend it should give a nice line that hopefully doesn’t smudge too much. Finally, the eyeshadow lasted all day, which actually surprised me a little after the time I had getting it on this morning. I was impressed with how long wearing it was. I don’t know if this has done enough to persuade me to buy the full palette, or any other Pop Beauty palettes, but it’s a fun, cute and useful sample that will last me for ages, and I’m really glad to have had it in my box this month.

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