Indemne Product Review

The next product I want to review is from the Limted Edition Skincare Birchbox, which has now sold out. This is the Indemne ‘Eau de Génie’ sample. My Birchbox card describes it as “Brimming with organic fruit waters, this does-it-all mist hydrates, tightens and regenerates skin. Spray on to clean skin in the morning, or evening to remove make-up residue.” It sounds like a dream. 

This is a 10ml sample of the product to try, which I reckon will last me a few weeks. The full size product is 135ml, and whilst I could find it a few places online I had to hunt about for it. The best price I could find was on today and it was £12.42 for the full sized product. Based on this price, the spray is just over 9p/ml, or 92p for the sample.

I’m not a huge fan of the packaging of this sample. I want to cut it some slack because it is a sample, and given the choice  I would much prefer an awesome product than a pretty box. But… I do like to eat with my eyes, I’m every marketers dream as I’m such a sucker for nice packaging. The sample is a bottle slotted into a cardboard folded card. The bottle is very simple, it is a clear plastic bottle with black writing. The screw top and nozzle are black, and it has a clear lid. I’ve mentioned before I like the pump bottles as they are easy to recycle or upcycle. The cardboard design has a white, orange and black colour scheme. On the front of the cardboard is a mock pencil sketch outline of a spray bottle with orange magic or fairy dust or other twinkly fabulous miracle inducing image swirling around it. The tag line on the front of the sample says:

“The four spirits treatment, a breath of freshness for all skin types.” It sounds divine, but I’m not sure what the four spririts are. They might have something to do with the swirlyness going around the bottle in the picture on the front, or it may be because it says it’s blended from four organic plant sources. The back of the card has the ingredients and company details, and explains that it is dermatologically tested, non-irritating and not tested on animals. That’s good to know.  Inside the card is a little paragraph for usage translated into seven languages in total. It says,

“Directions for use: spray Eau de Génie morning and evening, 15-20cm (6-8 inches) from your face with your eyes closed, in order to enhance your skin cleansing. Finalise with make up remover pad. Do not rinse. May be used in addition to Miss Ella lotion and the cleansing base Gimme Soothing!” Nice plugs for other products, I do like it when companies build a story of how your routine could look by suggesting their other products in instructions. It goes on to dicscuss precautions, including a 24 hour skin test on inner elbow. It does also mention that it’s suitable for all skin types and from adolescence. 

I already know from the bottle the product is a clear liquid, with the consistency of water. I spray a little into the lid to smell it, and it really doesn’t smell of much. I’m glad it’s not overly scented, my skin is delicate on my face and if it were over perfumed it would be more likely to irritate, or worse if it got in my eyes. I close my eyes, point and spray. It is such a refreshing experience, very pleasant in the dry air of Winter. I would imagine it’s heavenly in Summer too if you’re lucky enough to get a hot day. The spray is really light, it doesn’t leave a coating or film on my skin, it just sinks in and leaves me feeling refreshed. I don’t really notice a difference in my skin between before and after sprays.

I used it in the morning and wondered if it was a gimmicky sort of product that is nice to have but doesn’t have a real need. Using it in the evening after taking my make-up off was a game changer for me. I dislike the feeling of make-up (although I love the results!), and when I first take my make-up off a little spritz of this made me feel the same way I feel when I put my slippers on after a day of stiletto wearing. Am I going to finish this sample? Yes, I’m going to skip the mornings and stick to applying it when I take my make up off. Will I rush out to buy more? Probably not, but then again I’m visiting the Dominican Republic in a few months and this could be perfect for the climate, so we shall see. 

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