Product Review Joliderm

I remember first seeing strip products for blackheads back when I was just a young teenager, about halfway through Secondary School. At that age I had awful skin, it was oily, prone to break outs, and red and sore from where I’d picked at myself. I was so self conscious of it. Naturally I tried lots of different products in the hope of having flawless skin, but patches like these were always a little outside my budget at the time. Ironically, by the time I was working and could afford to pick up some blackhead strips my skin had significantly improved and was pretty clear. Whilst I’m not really prone to breakouts anymore, my skin can still get oily and I have to look after it to keep my pores clear. I can’t describe  how excited I am to try these. 

There are three strips available in this pack to try, a full pack contains five strips, making this a generous sample size. I can’t find the strips for sale in the UK, but to give you an idea of their value if you’re thinking of getting the Limited Edition Birchbox they are €13.90 for the full pack, which works out to about £12.00 at today’s exchange rate. That’s £2.40 per strip, or £7.20’s worth of strips in the sample. 

I really like the packaging of these strips, even though everything is written in French and I don’t speak French. The background is grey and white; which isn’t used a lot in packaging as it doesn’t stand out but I think is really classy. Joliderm use black writing on the packaging in a variety of different fonts, each of them adding to the glamourous feel of the product. On the front of the packaging in the top segment is the outline of a lady. She looks super sassy – she has her head turned to the side, perfect eyebrows and she’s looking straight ahead. Rather cleverly the only colouring used for her is a flash of red for her lips, and a strip of white on her nose, indicating she has her Joliderm nose patch on. She looks proud to be wearing it and oozing confidence. 

The back of the packet echoes the front using the black, grey and white colour scheme. Again, it’s all written in French with no translation but I can guess that one section is a little description of the strips, along with some instructions of how to use them. I really like that there are diagrams next to the instructions so that I can work out what to do with these without trying to translate everything. Luckily, Birchbox also translated the instructions for use on the card that came with the products. It says, (word for word, grammar included!)

“Blocked pores have met their match with this purifying patches. After cleansing, wet your nose and stick a patch to your skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes and gently peel off.” 

The patches are individually wrapped in little foil sachets, and stuck down to a clear sheet of plastic. There is a handy tab attached to one end of the strip so whether you have nails or not you can easily remove the product from the backing plastic. The shape of the strip reminds me of a cute moustache, but has been designed to perfectly cover the front of the nose whilst allowing it to follow the natural curves of the nose. I follow the instructions and splash my nose with water before applying the patch. I am surprised at how firmly it sticks to my skin, it feels really secure and is easy to put in place. I decide to wait the full 15 minutes before peeling it off, hoping to get the most out of the strip. I can feel that I’m wearing it whilst I have it on, but it’s very comfortable and not at all itchy or annoying. 

It did take a good pull to get the super sticky strip off, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable. In a choice between whether to see my nose or the strip first some weird and worried part of my brain wanted to be sure that nothing too horrid had come out of my pores, so I checked the strip first. Thankfully, I needn’t have worried. The strip wasn’t covered in anything gross or disgusting, but if I angled it into the light I could make out each individual pore imprinted on the once sticky surface. I examined my nose in the mirror and it looked the same. To see whether the strip has made a difference I used my metal pore unclogging tool to see whether I had any oil in the pores on my nose. They were completely clear, and clear after a week where I had been ill and sometimes a little sloppy with my skincare routine. I am so happy, and completely sold on these strips. The Joliderm brand also makes patches to perfectly fit other areas of the face. As soon as Joliderm sell their products in the UK I will definitely be buying them. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the two remaining strips from my box, and try to find an alternative brand that sells in the UK. 

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