Unani Product Review

The last product I have to review from my January’s Glossybox is the Unani Milk Cleanser. I mentioned in my Glossybox overview that I was already pretty devoted to my current cleanser, which is a cleansing face wash. I don’t want to use soap on my face, so I’ve been waiting for the right time to try this out, and my Limited Edition Birchbox has come up trumps by including a face wash to try.

The product is titled “il-luminate milk cleanser” by Unani. I love a bit of clever branding,  but I can’t work out why Unani have hyphenated this. On the one hand it does make ‘luminate’ stand out, conjouring images of bright, glowing skin, but on the other hand it seperates out ‘il’, which put together makes me think more fever, less dewy glow. I’m totally overthinking it! The product is 200ml, it’s a full sized product. After a quick Google I can’t find this for sale, except a few on eBay (which I guess are from Glossyboxes).

I think it’s a really good looking bottle. The bottle itself is white, and the Unani branding and writing at the top of the bottle is in black font. There is a pretty maroon coloured pattern at the bottom of the bottle on the front, and the maroon colour is used in the writing on the back of the bottle too. The nozzle is one where you push to open, and then tip it to expel the product. These bottles are great because you can seal them up fairly confidently for travelling. Be careful when you open it, mine spurted a little the first time. The product describes itself as:

“Gentle cleansing milk formulated with nourishing natural oils that purifies and protects the skin by removing impurities as well as makeup, leaving it soft and restoring its elasticity. Application: Apply morning and evening with a gentle massage and then rinse thoroughly with water.”

I love guessing what products will be like before I try them out, but got this one very wrong. The description “cleansing milk” made me think this would be a rich, pourable lotion, but I was quite surprised to see a thick cream come out. I’ll admit a thick cream is much easier to apply, but I can’t help feeling cheated of a milky surprise. The cream is very lightly scented, it smells sweet and reminds me a little of flowers, with undertones of something fresh like aloe or cucumber.

The cream is really easy to spread across my skin, but it feels heavy on my face, like I’ve just coated my face in plastic. I can’t wait to wash it off. The heavy feeling diminishes as soon as I remove the product, but my skin doesn’t feel right for the rest of the day. Whilst this cleanser doesn’t specify any particular skin type, I don’t think it’s a fit for me. It’s such a shame as I’ve spoken to so many other people who love this.

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