Beauty Protector Product Review

The final product in my January’s Birchbox was the Beauty Protector spray. I have coloured blonde hair with highlights, and I do have a little bit of heat damage from my GHD’s. I’ve stopped straightening my hair every day to try and help it out, but my hair still gets dry at the ends (and oily at the roots, it’s an awful combination). Before I style I use a primer and heat protection spray, and whilst I’m often happy with my hair when I’ve finished styling I don’t get that “wow” feeling that I get after visiting a salon. Nothing beats the feeling of having incredible hair, and I will try any product you put in front of me to achieve that myself at home. 

“Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle” is the full name of the spray. The sample size isn’t printed on this bottle, but this is a trial sized product that I guess would last me a week or two. The full sized product is really difficult to find online, I could only find it mentioned on the shop where 236ml is £18.50. The product is currently out of stock, but there is a waiting list of you would like to get your hands on a bottle.

The bottle itself is very striking, it is red with black branding and information printed on to it. The nozzle is also black to give a nice contrasting block of colour. I love that the bottle is a pump spray not an aerosol so I can re use it, or recycle it when I’ve finished. The branding on the front reminds me of a tattoo in its design. There really isn’t a lot of information on the bottle, things like the ingredients and where the company is registered that you see on other beauty products have been missed off. In their place there is a rather long list of benefits that this spray claims to do for you. It lists:

“Instant Detangler, Thermal Protector, UV Protector, Seals Cuticle, Smooths Hair, Locks in Colour, Adds Shine, Weightless, Non-Greasy, Conditions, For All Hair Types, Use Daily.”

Woah, it seems to do everything. In fact, the only thing it doesn’t do is tell me how to use it. I put a plan together to trial the product three ways to see what results I would get: 

1. I conditioned my hair as normal, and used heat protection spray as normal, but used this product on top before blow drying.

2. I conditioned my hair as normal, and skipped my heat protection spray in favour of trying this product. 

3. Three was meant to be skipping conditioner, but I keep chickening out! One weekend when I’m not going out anywhere I will, I’ll have loads of time in case I have to fix it. 

The spray is really easy to apply, being a pump bottle the product spreads quite nicely as it sprays out. The spray is only lightly scented, it’s a little like hairspray but it reminds me of strawberries, and I’m sure I can smell mint too. Did you have that strawberry toothpaste when you were a child? It reminds me of that. This is me smelling the bottle though, it is a really light scent and once it’s on my hair all I can smell is my shampoo. How does it measure against its own claims? 

I found the product suitable for my hair type, it really was weightless and non-greasy and I used it daily without noticing any build up. I don’t know if it protected my hair from thermal damage (I didn’t notice any new damage), or protected my hair from UV, or locked in my colour and sealed my cuticles as it claims – I’ll have to take its word for it. My hair was smooth and shiny, but it wasn’t any smoother or shinier than it usually is. I haven’t really given it a fair shot at testing it’s detangling and conditioning properties. I have enough left to test it, but it’s such a light spray I’m putting a hair mask on standby just in case I need it! I’ll update with the results of this test later. 

Overall, nothing bad came from testing this spray – but I wouldn’t say anything ground breaking came from it either. I know that it’s been really popular on the Birchbox website, so I will try test three and keep an open mind – it may wow me. My gut feeling is that this is a product that does the same job as the other products I already buy – except it costs more. Will I finish the bottle after I’ve done test three? Yes, with pleasure. Will I buy this again? Not likely.

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