Limited Edition Birchbox

February is a brilliant month, its short so pay days are closer together and Spring is finally on its way. This February is super special for me as I’ve decided to treat myself to the Limited Edition Skincare Birchbox. It’s £25 for subscribers, £35 for everyone else. Birchbox advertised £88 worth of products inside, which seemed like a great deal to me.

The box itself is a little smaller than I imagined, but I know that good things can come in small packages so I won’t judge. The box has lovely shades of pastel pink, lilac and white, almost like a soft Valentines theme. It’s titled “Beautiful Skin”, and the Birchbox logo is embossed in gold. There is a caption which reads,

‘Think of this kit as your shortcut to skin with that lit-from-within glow. Containing everything you need for a perfectly clear complexion, your skincare routine just got a whole lot easier…’

I’m excited!

This is a little different from the normal monthly boxes as I already know what I am buying in advance so there isn’t the surprise that Birchbox usually gives me, but it’s a pretty impressive list of treats inside. I have 6 products altogether in my box, it doesn’t say on the card but 2 of them look full size, and 4 appear to be samples, although decent samples.

I immediately want to play with the Foreo Luna, which in all honesty is my number one reason for buying this box. I already have a really great brush that I use for my cleanser and it leaves my skin really soft, but I’ve seen these online and they’ve just captivated me. It’s also really cute to look at – I haven’t even tried this product and I already love it!

There is Phytomer Vegetal Exfolient, which is a full sized product. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but as I’ll be taking a break from my brush to try the Luna I’m glad to have something to exfoliate my skin.

There are Joliderm Blackhead Jose strips, which contain three patches. I was into blackhead strips ten or so years ago when I was a little younger, and I don’t see them around so much anymore so I’m quite keen to see how much they’ve come along.

Balance me is another brand I’ve been wanting to try, so I was glad to receive the balance me face wash. I also got an Avène moisture mask, which is another new brand to me. I really want this mask to be peach scented, I think it’s the colour scheme that is suggesting that it would be to me. Both of these products are sample size.

The final product is an Indemne eau de genie 10ml trial size of their face spritz. This will be my first time face spritzing… I am really struggling to finish this sentence without using the word “wet” and going OTT with innuendo, so I’ll just say that I don’t know what to expect and leave it there!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, it’s because I have this dreaded cold and I can’t smell anything. I’ve been feeling super sorry for myself, and been resting up and I’ll have more product reviews as and when I can do them justice.

Edit: 21.03.17 – I received 6 products with a total value of £72.42 (based on the best prices I could find for them online). Whilst this is incredible value for money as I only paid £25 for the box, a lot of the products didn’t suit my skin.

A highlight for me was the LUNA Play, which is such a treat to use. It feels indulgent and different, and it gives amazing results.

My standout product is the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash, which has become an essential part of my day, and will stay that way for a long time to come!

Overall, I’m happy with the box. Despite some of the products not working for me the value of the two items above is more than the £25 I paid – I definitely had value for money. I will try another Limited Edition Birchbox again, although maybe next time I’ll look for a makeup one. Faye 💕

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