Lord & Berry Product Review

The Lord & Berry “conceal it” stick was highlighted by Birchbox as one of the products to look forward to this month. The product was portrayed as a full size item, but on further investigation I think that’s a little mis-leading. The pencil was for sale on the Birchbox website for £12 and contained 1.6g of product (it has now sold out). Elsewhere on the web the “conceal it” product contains 9g of concealer, and is designed like a lipstick where you can twist to bring up the product. Whilst the pencil might be full sized, the “conceal it” product itself is not a pencil! The good news is that the full sized product works out as better value for money, boots.com currently have a 50% off selected Lord & Berry promotion and you can pick one up for £5.75 + p&p.

I’ve tried most types of concealer formats available from solid sticks, to liquid, or creams with brushes, or powder but I’m yet to try a pencil. I consider concealer to be an essential for any make up bag, and currently have a few favourite brands that I use for concealing and highlighting, depending on where I am putting it. I love the branding for the pencil, it’s very simple and has a clear, crisp font. The end of the concealer is coloured with the shade, which I love as it gives it symmetry. It’s a good chunky pencil which makes it easy to grip, which in turn makes it easy to use. I’ve tried using the concealer in a few different places: my eyebrow arch, under my eye and on my cheekbones. Whilst I use concealer  in other places these are the big three for me.

The pencil glides on really well under my eyebrow, and as it has a point creates a precision line that isn’t too thick, and doesn’t spill into my eyebrow. I’m a little disappointed with the coverage, even after going over it a few times it’s very subtle and doesn’t create the result that I’m looking for. As you can see in the photo above, you don’t get a line of light following the pencil, in fact I can’t see the difference between my test eye and naked eye. I’m also aware that the pencil is nice and new now so has a fresh, pointy nib – after a few uses when the nib has dulled I won’t get the same fine line which will mean lots of sharpening to keep it tip top.

The pencil is too hard to work on the delicate skin under my eyes, but I can use it on my cheeks. Again, I’m disappointed with the result. For my cheekbones I look for an easily blendable product which is a little thicker, and shimmers. This doesn’t shimmer, and was not easy to highlight. I think it’s just a little too thin for cheeks, I felt like I was colouring in. All in all this product isn’t for me, and it hasn’t done enough to sell me the brand either. I will stick with my creams, liquids and powders.

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