The Balm Product Review

The Balm eyeshadow was promoted by Glossybox as one of the sneak peak items inside the box this month. Subscribers were told that they would receive one of two shades, a terracotta or a plum shade to try out. I know what I like when it comes to eye make up, it’s shades brown and gold for me all the way. I have this irrational fear of going crazy with coloured eyeshadow and ending up looking like a child playing with make up for the first time, so I tend to play it safe.

“Meet Matt(e) Trimony” is the catchy name for this eyeshadow, and I have the shade Matt Kumar, which is the terracotta shade. This product is published as a full size product, but is actually one full sized shade from the eyeshadow palette “Meet Matt(e) Trimony.” The full palette has nine shades in total that also includes the plum shade, and retails at approximately £37.50, although I found a 10% off promotion on where you can get it today for £33.75 + p&p.

The packaging for the product is very cute and unique. The eyeshadow is presented in a cardboard box that opens out like a book, and plays on the character Matt(e) Trimony, who is “Marriage Matt(e)rial”. It’s a little bit cheesy, but fun at the same time. It reminds me a little bit of the Benefit style of branding, which I am a sucker for. The cover is fitted with a little magnet to keep it closed after use. I love the little details in products, it’s small things like this which keep your make up protected and looking newer for longer. I also think it’s a sign of a good brand. The inside of the box is very simple in design, which means that your eye is instantly drawn to the striking shade, and the shade name below. The shade itself is quite an earthy terracotta. I was worried it would be quite orangey, but this shade would definitely work well with my other eyeshadows, if it looks the same after application as it does in the palette.

I’ve prepped my eye area by cleansing, toning and moisturising before applying a primer to the eye area. Finally, I use concealer to even out my complexion and give me a blank canvas to work on. I’ve also lazily filled my eyebrows, and highlighted my brow line so they don’t look completely out of place. Using a medium, fairly fluffy brush I start blending the colour into the outer crease of my upper eyelid, before sweeping it through the rest of the crease toward the inside of my eye. As I use up the powder on the brush I begin to bring it forward on to the lid. Usually I’d use several colours and blend them together, but today to show the eyeshadow in all it’s glory I’m sticking to just one colour. I did watch the Glossybox tutorials of how to use it, and they suggested adding a little highlighter to the inner corners of the upper lid, so I did. I used a tiny brush to line the underneath of my eyes, and added black eyeliner and mascara.

The result is surprisingly subtle, and not unpleasant. The colour created lovely shading which doesn’t come out very well in the picture, and when used with other colours would be a great addition to any make up bag. I was very light handed in my application of the colour as it is highly pigmented and I didn’t want to go over the top, but you could easily build the colour up to create a more striking look if you wanted to. I am definitely going to keep using this shade of eyeshadow as the mid shade when I’m doing my make up. I’m not going to buy the full palette at the moment as a lot of the colours are very similar to what I already have, but I am very excited about this brand, and will be trying some of their other products on payday!

Edit 1st Feb: I recently went out for a meal with my husband for our anniversary and had a little fun blending with this colour, which I wanted to share. I added gold eyeshadow to my eyelids, and blended black eyeshadow into just the outer corners, and swept it into the crease when there was little left on the brush. Sorry about the curlers! Faye 💕


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