Nip + Fab Product Review

The Nip & Fab brand is one of those brands that I have been itching to try for a long time, but have never got my hands on. I started ordering beauty boxes for this very reason, to push me outside my comfort zone and help me become more adventurous with my beauty regime. It’s working! This product is a 30ml sample size product, which is a generous sample and should last me for a couple of weeks daily usage. The full size product is 50 ml, and is widely available from various stores and websites. The cheapest place I found it today (18.01.17) is £9.96 & postage, on special offer from 

“Kale Fix”is the name of the moisturiser. I used to think of kale as a passing food craze, but it’s still a popular option and is synonymous with healthy living. The packaging uses various shades of green to promote the idea of health and wellbeing. The writing is in a simple font, and is not too fussy which makes the brand really stand out. The tube itself is upstanding, which means gravity helps to bring the cream to the nozzle for an easier squeeze each time. 

The cream is white in colour and smells like fresh leaves. At first I couldn’t decide if it’s wrong to rub something that smells so much like a salad into my skin, or if it’s genius. It’s unusual to have a moisturiser that doesn’t smell sweet, fruity or flowery, but it is definitely refreshing. The cream is a really good consistency, it’s not gloopy or running but firm but easy to apply. The instructions read:

“Apply to cleansed skin day & night.”

I’ve been using the cream after my wash, exfoliation, cleanse and tone routine in place of my usual moisturiser. It’s not the first moisturiser I’ve tried from a box, and whilst I don’t have sensitive skin some creams in the past have stung a little at first. This moisturiser was something else, it was cool and soothing – it felt as refreshing as a glass of water on a hot day. The product absorbed quickly and my skin felt quite firm after application. 

This is not a cheap product to buy at full price, however it is worth every penny in my opinion. I’m still surprised every time I breathe in the smell of the cream, but it has really grown on me. More importantly I love the feeling of it on my skin, and I’m definitely going to stock up whilst it’s reduced. I’m not going to completely switch to this product, but I’m going to alternate it with my current moisturiser as I love them both and can’t just choose one!

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