Nails Inc. Product Review

I went through a phase about 6 years ago where I had a very passionate love affair with Nails Inc. I had a different shade every day and I’d regularly visit the website to check out what new shades were available. I stopped buying them as I needed to cut back on my spending and over time I completely forgot about the brand, until I recieved one in my Birchbox this month. Cue extreme excitement and nostalgia.

The shade I received is “Disco Lane” from the special effects range, which is a 4ml sample bottle. I’ve had a bit of a Google, and I can’t find this shade for sale at the moment, although there are plenty of other colours by the brand for sale, including items that are currently reduced in the seasonal sale on the website.

I’ve always admired the Nails Inc. packaging as the bottles look really chic, and love the shade names given to the colours. The bottles are clear to show off the product colour, and they have a polished silver coloured lid and brush handle. This particular shade of nail polish is black with small holographic glitter particles. The glitter particles are smaller than are seen in most glitter polishes, and they sparkle silver, blue, red and green in the light. 

The lid screws off to reveal the brush, which is a lovely size for painting nails. It’s not so big that you make a mess, nor not too small that you have to keep dunking it. The brush stays together well during application so you get a nice, even product distribution. I applied three coats to my nails, which is my normal routine for applying nail polish colour. The polish dries really, really fast. It’s the first time I haven’t smudged my nails, or had little damp squishy patches for a long time. The finish isn’t smooth like a gel polish, it’s very slightly bumpy. I gave the polish a bit of a helping hand and applied two top coats of Revlon Gel Finish top coat, which I had included in an old Glossybox. I’m really heavy on my nails, jobs like washing dishes mean that even when I get them done professionally I end up chipping them within hours. I wasn’t surprised to find the corners a bit chipped after 4 days wear, but I didn’t get any peeling like I’ve had with other brands, which means it’s really easy to give them an emergency patching without completely re-doing them. 

I love this product and colour, but I realised during this trial that I’m not “cool” enough to wear black nail polish anymore, so I’ve given it to my daughter (who is in a converse, hoody and side fringe phase and could definitely use a black nail polish to finish the look.) I have instead filled my shopping bag on the Nails Inc. website, and can’t wait to discover more new shades from what used to be one of my favourite brands 💅🏻. 

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