Vitamasques Manuka Honey Product Review

I’m a huge fan of a face mask, and was delighted to find this Manuka Honey sheet mask in my Glossybox. I was going to review the eyeshadow first as it was a featured product but I couldn’t wait any longer to try this out. The product is full size, 1 sheet, 20ml. I found the product for sale on lots of websites for £3.99, including the brand website

The sachet is slightly larger than an iPhone 7 plus in size. The packaging really plays on the honey theme, with pictures of pieces of honeycomb copied and pasted around the edges of the sachet. The honeycomb colours are also used in the product description to continue the theme. There are also some pink flowers on the front of the packet, which I think are tying in the Korean element of the mask.

“Inspired by Korean innovation, a triple layer sheet technology designed to enhance the moisture content within the mask and lead to increased absorption rate within the skin.”

The mask doesn’t smell like I was expecting it to smell. I was expecting a really rich and sumptuous hit of honey, but it reminds me more of sweet wine, with a faint honey undertone. Whilst the smell isn’t what I was hoping for it’s not unpleasant, nor is it particulalrly strong, so it doesn’t put me off. The mask itself looks very similar to every other sheet mask I’ve tried. I couldn’t guess from looking at it that it was triple layered, and it doesn’t feel any thicker than other brands – which is good as it would be harder to put it in place if it were too thick.

The instructions on the back advise to:

1. Wash & cleanse face in preparation.

2. Remove mask from packaging and place it lightly on face, avoiding eyes and lips.

3. After 20 minutes, remove the sheet from the face and gently pat your face to let the remaining gel absorb into the skin.

The mask fits about as well as any other sheet mask I’ve tried in the past, with extra sheet around the sides, and air bubbles around my nose and eyes which keep reappearing if I move even slightly. That is one thing I forget about a sheet mask, it’s meant to be a relaxing experience yet I tend to spend the 20 minutes patting bits down or trying to keep still. The mask is saturated with product, it’s really generous and wet. Some masks I’ve tried in the past feel sticky and plasticky on my skin, but I don’t get that feeling with this mask, it just feels cool and soothing.

It takes another half an hour for my skin to absorb all of the liquid that was left on my face after I removed the mask. My skin is left feeling smooth and soft. I’ve enjoyed trying this product, and whilst I’m happy with the result it’s not a mask that I’ll buy at a later date. I think a face mask should smell delicious and whilst the smell of this one didn’t put me off testing it, it’s far enough from my idea of perfect to discourage me from buying it. Whilst I didn’t find the  perfect face mask for me this month, I’ll have fun testing more next month.

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