Merci Handy Product Review

The Merci Handy cream was well publicised by Birchbox in the run up to the new box being sent out. Every subscriber knew that they would receive the hand cream in one of three different scents: Cherie Cherry (red), Flower Power (pink), or New Wave (blue). I was so happy to receive the pink version of this product, pink is my favourite colour so I was really lucky to get it. The product is a full size product, which can be bought from for £4.90 in any of the three varieties. I’ve searched the Internet and it seems pretty hard to get hold of in the UK outside of Birchbox, so I hope they stock it for ages if I fall in love with it.

I really like the packaging of the cream, it’s a very catchy design which resembles a fingerprint in pink, blue or red over a white background. The product comes in an upstanding tube, which is really handy as the product naturally falls towards the nozzle, making it easier to get the last of the product out. The tube holds 30ml of cream making it a great size for a handbag. The packaging reads,

“We know your hands like the back of our own. We’ve been taking care of them for a while now. But what if we could make them softer than you ever imagined? Introducing crème de la crème…”

The product says that it “contains tiny beads that will soften your hands”, which will be a red flag to anyone supporting the ban of microbeads in beauty products. The product does not state whether they are plastic beads, or biodegradable beads but I have checked the list of ingredients available at the website The most common plastic microbeads polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene tetrephthalate and polymethyl methacrylate are not listed in the composition, which is great news.

The cream smells very light and sweet, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I was worried it would be a little too flowery and overpowering but I think the balance is spot on. The cream is white, and the beads are pink to match the branding. The formula is very light and melts into your skin. Only a small amount of product is needed, and it’s absorbed quickly with a few rubs. The little pink beads also break up and are absorbed with the product.

After application my hands feel soft and smooth, and I can still smell the fragrance after an hour, albeit faintly. A word of warning, less is more with this product. I applied multiple times to get some photos and my hands did start to become greasy after a few applications in succession.

I’m absolutely delighted with this product, and intend to replace my current hand cream with this brand. I adore the Flower Power scent, and now I’m also keen to try Cherie Cherry and New Wave. I’ll let you know which one I like best in a few months…

Edit: 1st February – Well I did it, I got all three of those delicious scented hand creams to try. I’ve only been a Birchbox subscriber for two months and I already accumulated over £10 worth of points from giving feedback, so these hand creams didn’t cost me a sausage #winning.

The Cherie Cherry smells unmistakenly like cherry, but not fresh cherries more like cherryade pop. It’s sweet and moreish, exactly what I expected.

New Wave is not what I expected. I expected it to be fresh and remind me of the sea, but it’s sweet and fruity and reminds me of blueberries and bubblegum! I wasn’t expecting that at all, but I’m so happy as it smells so much better than I thought it would.

Which is my favourite? How could a girl possibly choose just one? 😉 Faye 💕


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