January 2017 Glossybox

This box is a special edition for January and has an “Edible Edit” with a Deliciously Stella theme. The box itself is the usual pink box that us Glossies know and love, with a few very subtle amendments to fit with the Deliciously Stella theme. Aside from the mention on the side of the box, the underside of the lid has the hilarious caption “you can’t milk an almond.” No you can’t!

I always love the care and attention to detail that goes into the Glossyboxes. The products are nestled amongst black shredded paper, which really emphasises the feeling of discovery when opening the box for the first time. The paper and products are then wrapped in pink tissue paper which is secured with a little sticker. Finally, a black ribbon is tied neatly around it all before it is placed in the iconic pink box. These small touches really add to the feeling of excitement when opening the box.

I received 5 products this month, and 4 of them are full size items with one sample size. I have 4 skin care products, one make up product and no hair care in this box. I usually prefer more of a mixture of products in my box, but I read a Facebook comment from Glossybox explaining they were really keen to tie the box in with a new year theme, and did that by offering products for a new skincare routine. I think that’s a lovely idea as a one off, but I hope there is more of a mixture next month.

The Nip + Fab kale fix moisturiser looks amazing! We were teased with it a while ago in the sneak peeks, and I’ve been looking forward to finding out what it was, and trying it. It’s a sample size moisturiser, but it’s a generous sample that should last me for a week or two of daily use.

I have a Manuka Honey face mask, which is a full sized product. I’m a huge fan of honey scented products, and we’ve had a few different face masks in the last few months which I have utterly adored so I can’t wait for this. I might try it later actually! Although face masks are only one time use items, I very rarely buy them for myself so I’m always happy to receive them.

There is a huge bottle of Unani Cleansing Milk, which is a full sized product. I absolutely love my current cleanser and will never change from it. I currently use Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with cottonseed. It makes a really rich lather, smells beautiful and leaves my skin feeling incredible. I have combination skin which can get oily quite easily with the wrong product. I will definitely try this to review it, but I think it will end up living in the cupboard as an emergency cleanser (along with ever other cleanser I’ve had in my Glossyboxes.)

Glossybox promoted The Balm eyeshadow before the box was dispatched, and as subscribers we knew we would get one of two colours. I can’t find the shade name for my eyeshadow, but I have the terracotta shade. I’ve never worn an eyeshadow colour quite like this before, ever, but my daughter assures me it’s completely on trend. This is a full sized product.

My final product is also full sized, and is a sponge. I love sponges as much as the next girl, but January isn’t a great time to give me one as I tend to get a few with skincare sets as Christmas presents. This is the only product in the box I won’t try and review as I’ll give it away so that it gets the use it deserves.

This seems like a really well thought out and planned Glossybox. There are a few products I don’t think suit me personally, but I think would be a super treat for other subscribers.

Edit: 4th Feb – I wasn’t sure if I’d like this Glossybox and it really has been a mixed bag for my needs. I’m really excited to have discovered the balm, I’ve started using the eyeshadow in most of my day and night looks and can’t wait to try other shades and products from the brand. The stand out product for me is the nip + fab moisturiser. In this I have found a product that I love, and a brand that I want to see more of. I’m now looking forward to February’s box! Faye 💕

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