January 2017 Birchbox

It’s time for the first Birchbox of the year!

This is only my second Birchbox, I was a new subscriber in December after being tempted by the Benefit treat they were offering. I meant to unsubscribe after December, but I loved the products so have kept it going. I’m really glad I did because this box looks like a winner.

I love the packaging of this Birchbox. It has a “sprinkle happiness” theme, and boy it delivers. The box itself is white with yellow sprinkles, and comes in a quirky pull out drawer design. The drawer is yellow as a contrast, and it’s really bright and refreshing – especially against the grey murkiness of January weather.

Looking inside my drawer I got 5 products this month; two full sized and three tester size products. It seems like I’ve got a really good mix of product types too, one hair care, two make up, two skin care products.

I love playing with hair products. I have seriously long, lightened hair that suffers heat damage from blow drying and straightening, and I’m yet to find something that compensates for the damage. The hair product is “Beauty Protector” protect & detangle, which I can’t wait to try out. It’s a sample sized product, but it’s a really generous sample size which I reckon will last me a few weeks.

There is a Nails Inc. nail polish. I used to be obsessed with Nails Inc and had so many different shades, but I always find with nail polish they go off before I can finish them,  such a waste. This polish is a sample size which is perfect for me as I might actually get to finish it before it’s time to part ways.

There is a Lord & Berry concealer pencil which I also can’t wait to get my hands on. I’m a huge fan of highlighting, and have tried powders, liquids, mousse but not a pencil before so I’m really keen to see the results. This is a full size product, and will last for ages.

Birchbox promoted that they would be including the Merci Handy hand cream, which is full size. There were three different scents, and I’m delighted to have the pink one which is called “flower power”. Pink is my favourite colour, I’m a very lucky girl!

The final product is Nuxe dry oil, which I’ve listed as skin care as that’s what I’m going to use it for, but can also be used for hair. This is a sample size product that will have a few uses at most, but it’s a brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages so really happy to see it included.

The first impressions of my box are great – I’ve got 5 products that I can’t wait to try, and should keep me going until my next box in February.

Edit: 2nd Feb – Overall this was a good box, which really did sprinkle a little happiness into dull and dreary January. A highlight for me has been that I’ve rediscovered Nails Inc. which has made me so nostalgic and excited to see how the brand has grown, all at the same time. The stand out product for me was Merci Handy, and whilst I now have enough hand cream to last me until next Winter, I’ve also bought into the brand and want to try some of their other products. I also enjoyed Nuxe, and whilst I didn’t switch products this time I’d love to see more of the brand. Waiting patiently for February’s box now… Faye 💕

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